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Hero Battle Skills

What are Battle Skills?
These are the skills that will help you in battle and grow your Turf. Hero Battle Skills have three types: Tactical, Logistical, and Administrative.

Each hero has one unique tactical skill and then a combination of 3 Administrative and/or Logical Skills.

When Do They Unlock?
The tactical skill is unlocked as soon as you hire the hero. The first battle skill unlocks when the hero reaches rank 2. The second, rank 4. The third, rank 7.

How Do They Activate?
Tactical and Logistical Battle Skills are only active when that specific hero is in battle. He doesn't have to be the leader - just in the Battle. Administrative Battle Skills are automatically activated as soon as you hire that hero.

Before Assigning Heroes
Look at what your heroes do before assigning them. Don't send heroes with only Administrative Battle Skills (like Trickster) into battle. Don't use heroes that only have siege Logistical Battle Skills (like Prima Donna or Incinerator) if you don't send siege or if you're assigning heroes to your wall. Choose carefully so you don't accidentally suck up a spot someone who could do something to aide could be in.

Battle Skill Grades
Each Battle Skill has a percentage scale that increases as you upgrade your hero. All heroes start off as common and you can upgrade them by collecting or purchasing medals.

For example, let's look at Oath Keeper's Infantry HP Boost. When he is common (grey), it is a 2.5% boost. When you upgrade him to uncommon (green), the skill gets a 5% boost instead. These don't stack - they just replace each other.

As you collect more medals and continue to upgrade your heroes, the boost gets bigger. Different skills have different percentage scales, but every skill is enhanced when the hero is upgraded.

Tactical Battle Skills
Tactical Battle Skills are unique for each hero. This is the skill at the top and gives you a squad bonus. It is activated as soon as you hire the hero and increases by upgrading your hero.

This skill gives the squad this hero is commanding a boost based. A squad is 1/4 of that specific troop type. In general, the Tactical Battle Skills aren't as useful as Logistical Battle Skills when you're in combat. I would recommend using heroes with applicable Logistical Battle Skills unless there is a significant difference in grade.

Logistical Battle Skills
These skills are used in combat. If the hero has more than one logistical skill, they will all be active as long as the type of skill applies to the battle.

If it is an army boost, there doesn't need to be any of the troop type that hero specifically commands sent to the battle; it helps if there is because then you get the tactical skill boost on top of the army boost, but it's not necessary.

If the skill is troop specific you need that troop type in the Battle to get the boost. However, keep in mind that only 4 heroes of the same commanding troop type will be able to command a squad (there are only 4 squads of each troop type). If sending a single troop type into combat, I like to use 4 of that troop type and one with an army boost.

Trap ATK, Trap HP, and Trap DEF skills only come into play when your turf is attacked, so those heroes must be stationed in your wall in order to get the boost.

There are 18 Logistical Battle Skills.

Administrative Battle Skills
These are activated as soon as the hero is hired and stay active. He does not need to be the leader. Admin skills are generally used to enhance your account - make things faster, better, and easier.

There are 12 Administrative Battle Skills.

Which Hero Supports Which Resource?
• Food: Oath Keeper & Elementalist
• Stone: Death Knight & Sea Squire
• Timber: Rose Knight & Incinerator
• Ore: Tracker & Death Archer
• Gold: Soul Forger
• Gold: Dark Follower

Who has Army Battle Skills?
• Bombin' Goblin - ATK
• Chaos Dragon - ATK & DEF
• Rose Knight - ATK
• Watcher - ATK & HP
• Barbarian - DEF
• Berserker - ATK, HP, & DEF
• Dark Magister - HP
• Dream Witch - ATK & HP
• Ethereal Guide - HP
• Femme Fatale - DEF
• Grim Wolf - HP
• Lightweaver - HP
• Lore Weaver - ATK, HP, & DEF
• Master Cook - DEF
• Prince of Thieves - ATK & DEF
• Shapeshifter - HP
• Songstress - ATK, HP, & DEF
• Storm Fox - ATK & HP

Who has Infantry Battle Skills?
• Demon Slayer - ATK & HP
• Oath Keeper - ATK & HP
• Scarlet Bolt - DEF
• Sea Squire - ATK
• Shade - DEF
• Soul Forger - ATK
• Big Guy - ATK & DEF
• Femme Fatale - ATK
• Grim Wolf - ATK & DEF
• Lightweaver - ATK
• Shapeshifter - ATK
• Twilight Priestess - ATK, HP, & DEF

Who has Ranged Battle Skills?
• Black Crow - HP & DEF
• Death Archer - DEF
• Snow Queen - ATK & HP
• Tracker - ATK & DEF
• Dark Magister - ATK
• Ethereal Guide - ATK & DEF
• Grove Guardian - ATK, HP, & DEF
• Lightweaver - ATK
• Master Cook - ATK & HP
• Petite Devil - ATK & HP

Who has Cavalry Battle Skills?
• Child of Light - ATK & HP
• Death Knight - HP & DEF
• Night Raven - ATK & DEF
• Rose Knight - HP
• Sage of Storms - DEF
• Barbarian - ATK & HP
• Dark Magister - ATK
• Shapeshifter - ATK
• Steambot - ATK, HP, & DEF
• Vengeful Centaur - ATK & DEF

Who has Siege Battle Skills?
F2P Only
• Elementalist - ATK & DEF
• Incinerator - ATK & HP
• Prima Donna - ATK, HP, & DEF

Who has Hunting Battle Skills?
F2P Only
• Scarlet Bolt - Max Energy
• Trickster - Max Energy & Energy Regeneration

Who has Wall Battle Skills?
F2P Only
• Night Raven - DEF
• Shade - DEF

Who has Trap Battle Skills?
F2P Only
• Black Crow - ATK
• Bombin' Goblin - ATK & HP
• Child of Light - HP
• Death Archer - ATK
• Demon Slayer - ATK
• Sage of Storms - ATK
• Snow Queen - DEF
• Soul Forger - DEF

Who has Speed Battle Skills?
• Chaos Dragon - Research
• Trickster - Research
• Sage of Storms - Construction
• Scarlet Bolt - Construction
• Watcher - Troop Training
• Sea Squire - Trap Building
• Shade - Trap Building
• Witch Doll - Research, Construction, & Troop Training
• Dark Follower - Research & Troop Training
• Femme Fatale - Research
• Petite Devil - Research
• Prince of Thieves - Research
• Vengeful Centaur - Research
• Big Guy - Construction
• Dream Witch - Troop Training

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