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Hero Stages

If you came here looking for a list of heroes that have been tested and proven to work for each level, you're looking in the wrong spot. Instead, this is about how to pick your team on your own.

Picking Your Team

The general rule of thumb for Hero Stages is you're going to want to take a healer, a tank, a strong damage dealer, an area of effect stunner, and the 5th be whatever died first on your first run. No, seriously. You'll see what I mean. Sometimes you're going to want two stunners. Sometimes you're going to want two tanks. Trial and error is a great teacher.

For healers, Prima Donna is going to be your primary healer unless you invest in Lore Weaver. Prima Donna's advantage over Lore Weaver (aside from being free) is that her healing skill is a scatter type, where as Lore Weaver's is a radial blast circle. This means when someone wanders away from the pack (yeah, I'm looking at you Demon Slayer), you have to pick who gets healed and who doesn't. Rose Knight has a bit of healing and Child of Light has a protective bubble, so they can be support healing, but you'll need someone else to do the heavy lifting. Sea Squire and Dark Follower heal too, but they're a little too squishy for my taste.

"Tanks" are Strength Heroes that have a very high HP and aren't going to die on you right away. The first tank option you unlock is Oath Keeper. Then probably Child of Light. He's got a great AOE Stun Hero Skill that should help. Later you're going to add Rose Knight to lead just about everything. Death Knight comes in handy doing the later Stages because of his fancy resurrection trick.

Damage dealers are exactly what it sounds like: heroes who do a lot of damage. Even though Tracker has a single target Ultimate Hero Skill, I find her to be very effective. Black Crow and Demon Slayer are also good damage dealers in my opinion.

Stunners are Heros that have Ultimate Hero Skills that immobilize your enemy. When used in combination with your damage hero's Ultimate skill, it can be extremely effective. My favorite stunners are Child of Light and Snow Queen.

What's Next?
Now that you have your team, what do you do with them?

First, never use Auto Battle. That's the lightning bolt thingy in the corner. Here's why: the computer does a crap job at aiming your hero's special skills. You want control over this. You want to choose when it goes off and, if possible, who it is going to hit. Auto will trigger the skill the moment the bar is full whether it will be useful or not.

Let's say you're using Auto and you're on the second stage. The stage is almost over and there is only one bad guy left. He's basically on his way out. But what's this? Tracker's MP bar just filled up! Aaaaand there it goes. Killing the practically dead guy. Wouldn't it have been so much better to save it and hit the boss on the next stage instead? Yes. Yes, it would. So don't let the machine do your work for you. Time your special skills appropriately. Try to use them on the baddest guy on the screen. Especially when he is about to do his special skill.

Second, don't be committed to ONE team. The beauty of heroes is that they all have different strengths and different weaknesses. Some of them work together and some of them kind of do their own thing. Different Hero Stages require different things. As you progress, you'll learn to look for these things yourself. If there's a whole bunch of enemies clustered together, take someone like Bombin' Goblin or Black Crow who can hit several at one time while staying out of the fray. If the enemies are all kind of scattered about, you may want an extra stunner to slow them down while others kill them.

Third, don't have unrealistic expectations. If you've got a common Prima Donna that is rank 4, she's not going to help you unlock Rose. Work on boosting your heroes. There will come a stage when you get stuck. It's going to happen. But the good news is that unless everyone is Legendary and Rank 8 and fully equipped - you've got room to grow and try again in a week or so.

As a general rule, rank and level more valuable than grade for hero stages as the hero's statistics and Hero Skill boosts are higher. In general, grade mostly affects Battle Skills - which aren't used in Hero Stages. So your rank 8 Child of Light that is only uncommon might actually be a better choice than a rare Rose Knight that is only rank 6. Ideally you want it all but if you have a choice, choose rank first, then level, then grade.

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