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Monster Hunting Quick Tips

Here are a few quick tips on Monster Hunting and a video of killing a Level 2 Frostwing. Quick Tips: • If you don't have Monster Hunting gear, you can use any other gear that increases travel speed to make your hero walk faster. • Always do the single hunt multiple times instead of the x[whatever] hunt. You get a bonus for hitting the same monster repeatedly. So it might take a little while longer, but you'll get the most out of your energy. • Use the correct heroes! Some monsters are weak to magic and some are weak to physical damage. Sending the right heroes will help you hunt monsters more efficiently. © Tormund ᵃᵏᵃ Ꭲ

Buildings: The Labyrinth

Basically, Lords Mobile Lottery. So you've finished Skirmish 8 and out of the dark clouds is a frosty paradise. But what's this? A building you don't need to construct? Some kind of glowing cave? Yup, you've unlocked the Labyrinth. Best friend and ultimate adversary of every Lords Mobile player. How do you get it? The Labyrinth unlocks after you finish Skirmish 8. Elite mode unlocks if you purchase a $100 pack. Note, it isn't $100 worth of packs. It's spending $100 at one time on a single pack. How do you use it? You get one free hit a day when your helps reset . Additional hits require Holy Stars. Get them from monsters or purchase them with real money. A regular hit is 100 Holy Stars, Elite 1000. Do you get to pick which heroes you send? No. It's completely random. Some people have suggested a theory that if you hit the monster with the correct heroes, you'll get a Boss when it dies. So you should leave and go back and leave and go bac