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What Level Monster to Hunt?

Updated March 1, 2019

Hunting is one of the best things you can do for your own growth as well as Guild growth. But it's important to note that these are two different kinds of hunting. What you hunt and how you hunt it is different depending on your objective.

Short Version
Hunting for your guild:
• Only level 1s or 2s (depending on size)
• Only do multiple single hunts; never use the x(#) multiplier
• Use daily accumulated energy

Hunting for yourself:
• Hunt the highest level possible that you can kill alone
• Only do hits using the x(#) multiplier
• Use bag energy

Hunting For Your Guild
When hunting for your guild, it is extremely important to utilize your energy efficiently. It's about obtaining the most keys possible with the least amount of energy as possible. Keys allow your guild to boost the guild gift level.

Boosting the guild gift level is important because it not only makes the special boxes worth more, it also makes the guild look impressive and can be used as a recruitment tool. Think about it. Two guilds equal in every other way, which would you choose? The one with a 5 gift level? Or the one with the 25 gift level?

Only ever do this type of hunting using the single hit button; never use the x(#) multiplier. This is because you'll get a bonus for each consecutive hit which will cost you less energy for the kill in the long run. I mean, you get the hunts in a row bonus when you use the multiplier too, but you're going to kill it faster so you won't be using this boost to it's fullest extent.

Now... the age old question: is it better to hunt level 1 monsters or level 2 monsters?

You will find people that swear up and down their way is right and vehemently support one answer over the other. (By the way, those of you in the level 2 camp that are insulting and insist that the people in the level 1 camp are morons? Not cool, bro. Not cool.)

Let's set the record straight. The answer is both. Everyone is right. It just depends on the circumstances. It ultimately comes down to your account stats and the stats of those in your guild.

The ones who swear by only killing level 2 monsters and saying that it isn't worth anybody's time to kill level one monsters tend to be very large, very experienced players in very large guilds. For these players? Yes. It is better to hunt level 2 monsters instead of level 1 monsters.

When you can kill a level 1 monster with a single hit using only 1,650 energy, it's going to take an eon to kill all 36 level 1 monsters with your full energy bar of 59,470. You also need to worry about filling the guild gift box. Getting 300 gifts is extremely easy if you've got 90 players all killing 36 level 1s twice a day.

So by hunting level 2 monsters, it gives more people the opportunity to open all the gifts. No keys go to waste. After all, what's the point in collecting all those keys if they are just going to vanish because of full inboxes?

Here's why I recommend level 2s for larger guilds and players instead of level 1s:
• Less time consuming
• Less missed keys due to full guild gifts
• A decent key to energy ratio

However, if you are in a smaller guild or have a smaller castle, it is definitely more beneficial that you and your guild all hunt level 1 monsters instead.

Here's why I recommend level 1s for smaller guilds and players:
• Level 1s are easier for everyone to help with if you can't finish it. Energy will not be waste on monsters that aren't killed.
• The ratio of guild gift keys to energy spent is the best. More keys = more special boxes = higher gift level = better loot in the special boxes.

Which camp do you belong in? 
Depends on your research, gear, and heroes. What happens when you hit a level 1 monster? Can you kill it in one single swipe? You should probably be in the level 2 camp. What happens when you hit a level 2 monster? Can you kill it in four single swipes or less?

Hacking away at a level 2 for five, six, seven single swipes isn't going to give you the best loot and isn't going to get your guild the most keys. This will just be a waste of time and resources. If you can't kill a level 2 in four or less single swipes, you should stay in the level 1 camp until you can.

Hunting For Yourself
The best way to gain the most and best rewards while monster hunting is to hunt the highest level monster you can kill alone.

When hunting for loot, use the x(#) multiplier! It is an extremely wasteful use of energy in regards to helping your guild, but there are better drops to aid in your personal growth.

Here's why I recommend level 3s & 4s:
• Reasonable to kill alone
• Lowest resource drops
• Highest gem and speed up drops
• Direct relocator drops

When to do Which?
As a general rule, I like to use all my daily energy on the guild and most of my bag energy on higher monsters for myself.

Only hunting for your guild isn't going to provide you with enough rewards for steady growth. Especially for larger castles. But it's extremely important!

As a guild, you need everyone to spend most of their energy killing 1s or 2s. It isn't about the rewards. The individual loot you get from hitting them is crappy. It just is. But hunting for your guild isn't entirely about the rewards; it's about the keys. Yes, you're going to get less gems. But the contribution to your guild is worth it. Plus when you add them up, the guild gift boxes from level 1s & 2s tend to be cumulatively more (6 ten minute speeds is better than 1 thirty minute speed) and significantly more keys.

The amount of energy to kill a monster goes up significantly with each level; however, the amount of keys earned does not.
• Lvl 1/Common Monster: 1 key
• Lvl 2/Uncommon Monster: 2 keys
• Lvl 3/Rare Monster: 3 keys
• Lvl 4/Epic Monster: 5 keys
• Lvl 5/Legendary Monster: 10 keys

So think of it as guild dues. Make sure you're hunting a little bit every day for your guild. Only hunting for yourself is just plain rude. And when you're hunting for yourself, don't forget about your guild! After all, you need to be in a guild in order to hunt, so be part of the team. Don't *always* use your energy for yourself, and if you can't finish a higher level monster using the energy you've got in hand and in your bag DON'T START IT! Hitting a high level monster with no intention of killing it is beyond rude and selfish. Unacceptable. Don't be that guy.

Hunting Drop Rates
These are the drop rates for the rewards earned when hitting a monster. The drop rates for the guild boxes are different.
(Drop rates are from the Official Drop Rate release on the IGG Forum.)

• Lvl 1: 1.53%
• Lvl 2: 1.86%
• Lvl 3: 2.21%
• Lvl 4: 3.53%
• Lvl 5: 3.06%

Holy Stars
• Lvl 1: 0.71%
• Lvl 2: 1.13%
• Lvl 3: 1.42%
• Lvl 4: 1.41%
• Lvl 5: 1.59%

• Lvl 1: 40.96%/10.24%
• Lvl 2: 43.00%/10.75%
• Lvl 3: 34.24%/8.56%
• Lvl 4: 32.32%/8.08%
• Lvl 5: 37.47%/7.95%

Speed Ups/Research Speed Ups
• Lvl 1: 5.17%/7.72%
• Lvl 2: 5.15%/7.70%
• Lvl 3: 6.18%/9.27%
• Lvl 4: 7.63%/11.45%
• Lvl 5: 7.01%/10.53%

Random Relocator/Direct Relocator
• Lvl 1: No/No
• Lvl 2: 1.02%/No
• Lvl 3: 1.01%/0.41%
• Lvl 4: No/1.76%
• Lvl 5: No/No

Equipment Materials & Jewels
• Lvl 1-4: 20%
• Lvl 5: 25%

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  1. Great and very useful blog, thanks :)

  2. Very Helpful Info :) Thanks Buddy!!

    1. I'm very glad you have found it helpful. Much appreciated!

  3. Merci pour tt c'est astuces et infos

  4. This is a great bit of information and that you. It does level one section though I wish you will add to it. What level is best for hunting for Mats. I know this is still hunting for my self but since you get more hits on level 1 with your energy but can get higher level mats (with 4x per color) is it better to spend all your energy on level 1 monster (lots of low level mats) or spend it on less hits on higher ones? (Quantity vs Quality?) As the moment I have been favoring level 2 for this but you may have done the numbers.

  5. Catualy Keys are NOT important IF YOU ARE ONF FREE TO PLAY GUILD as keys dont affect monster hunter chest. Keys and gift level affect ONLY BUYED chest with real money and Guild box wich itself dont have good loot GOLD BOX can give you 1000gems they may give you 100vip points the best 50guild coinn. not as much considering that before as a guild we giet that box we can giet more gems by killing 160level 2 monsters daily. Besides lv 2 and 3 have much higer chance for drop like gems stars and the value of item may be green od blue id rather giet 1x blue blood sucker insted of 1x grey blood sucker per month. also lv3 drops Relocation wich normaly cost 270Guild coins and 24h shield wich is alot better than 4h or 8h synce people sleep normaly around 9-12hauors. Also monsters level 4 and 5 are not worth hunting as the %% of the drop is lower buth the cost in energy is much higher. You want to hunt level 5 for Guild Fest at legendary level (11 quests) and level 3-4 for hell event.

  6. Great Guide, Im gonna use this to show to my guildmates that it's BS that the drops from the gifts get better when only hunting lvl2+ and getting reset to crap when even one lvl1 is killed.


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