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Jewels are extremely important. They give significant boosts. Mediocre gear with amazing jewels can sometimes be statistically better than amazing gear with no jewels. Of course, amazing gear with amazing jewels is definitely the ultimate goal.

What are the different kinds of jewels?

• Saber Jewel: Cavalry Max HP & Travel Speed
• Trojan Jewel: Infantry Max HP & Travel Speed
• Grim Jewel: Ranged Max HP & Travel Speed
• Gargantua Jewel: Cavalry ATK & Cavalry DEF
• Terror Jewel: Infantry ATK & Infantry DEF
• Wyrm Jewel: Ranged ATK & Ranged DEF
• Noceros Jewel: Food Production Rate & Army Capacity
• Gryphon Jewel: Trap ATK & Trap DEF

• Wall DEF Jewel: Wall DEF Boost
• Trap DEF Jewel: Trap DEF
• Cavalry DEF Jewel: Cavalry DEF
• Infantry DEF Jewel: Infantry DEF
• Ranged DEF Jewel: Ranged DEF
• Trap ATK Jewel: Trap ATK
• Engine ATK Jewel: Siege Engine ATK
• Cavalry ATK Jewel: Cavalry ATK
• Infantry ATK Jewel: Infantry ATK
• Ranged ATK Jewel: Ranged ATK

• Champion Jewel: Travel Speed & Army Max HP
• Swift Hunter Jewel: Max Energy & Monster Hunt Travel Speed

General Tips
• I'd recommend only inlaying blue and up and only inlaying once you've forged a "forever" piece of gear. This would be the best gear that is available for the set(s) your building. Not just gear you've built because you can wear it now.
• Try to plan ahead. Chisel costs really add up if you start in one direction and then head in a different direction.
• ATK jewels are the ones you're going to want to really focus on.
• Remember that 4 purples spread out over your set are better than 1 gold.
• If you're just starting out with jewels, count your ATK blues of one troop type. If you've got 6-8, put one blue in each piece. If you have 9, 5 blue and 1 purple.12, 4 blue and 2 purple. Etc. As you collect blues, replace them one by one with purples each time you have 3 on hand. Then repeat the concept for golds.
• You want at least one ATK jewel in each piece of gear. If it's for a mixed set, consider all 3 ATK jewels. Fill in with the monster jewels. Here again, designate which pieces are getting which jewels and blue>purple>gold them. You can put your Wyrm, Gargantua, and Terror jewels into pieces you might use for mixed sets or single troop sets, but save the Grim, Saberfang, and Trojan for single set pieces.
• Avoid inlaying defense only jewels if you've got literally any other waring option, but if you've got a hole - fill it. It's better than nothing, but anything is better than it. Personally, I don't get precious about it when it's time to replace it - just use the free chisel and destroy it.
• Siege Engine jewels are absolutely useless in my opinion. Don't bother.
• Trap, Wall, and Gryphon jewels are pretty much only used if you have a designated wall gear set and have focused very heavily on the defense research tree. Basically, if you're not prepared to be a wall trap, don't use them. The spots are better filled by troop ATK jewels.

How to get Jewels?
Getting jewels is either very time consuming or very costly.

• If you're a F2P player, your best bet is to use all your guild coins on jewel chests. Maybe invest your Treasure Trove earnings into Epic Jewel Chests. Yes - Epic, not Legendary. Epic Chests have a better drop rate in the long run. No chance of a Legendary gem, but 80% chance of an uncommon one. Those really add up much more quickly than common ones. Monster jewels will be harder to come by. Just hope you get lucky.

• If you're purchasing packs, Crown Jewels is definitely the way to go. The $100 package is better than the $50 package is better than the $20 package. So if this is something you're serious about investing in, save until you can purchase all the tiers at once. It's sometimes more valuable than doing the $20 pack 8 different times. You can purchase packs that feature Sacks of Jewels to get Monster Jewels, but I'd recommend focusing on Regular Jewels first.

• The Hoarder Familiar. His Elder Skill gives jewels!

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  1. "Epic is better than legendary" - WRONG. According to the official drop rates:
    - [Epic] Jewel Chest and Material Chest: 0% - 80% - 15% - 5% - 0%
    - [Legendary] Jewel Chest and Material Chest: 65% - 14% - 15% - 5% - 1%

    - We know that 1 uncommon = 16 commons; 1 rare = 16 commons; 1 epic = 64 commons; 1 legendary = 256 commons
    - [Epic] expected gain: 1 * 0 + 4 * 0.80 + 16 * 0.15 + 64 * 0.05 + 256 * 0 = 8.8
    - [Legendary] expected gain: 1 * 0.65 + 4 * 0.14 + 16 * 0.15 + 64 * 0.05 + 256 * 0.01 = 9.37

    1. Sorry, I mean 1 uncommon = 4 commons

    2. While the legendary chests might be a mathematically better option, the difference isnt that great, and the actual variance of the results is huge. In other words, because the increased value is ALL in that 1% legendary chance, it would be very easy for someone's actual rate of return to underperform the Epic chest.

    3. I 100% agree with Erik on this. After spending stupid amounts of money on jewels, the vast majority of jewels you get with Legendary chests are common rubish. and then you finally hit a legendary... seige jewel! aaagh!! you will want to break you phone into a million bits.. GO FOR THE SURE THING! Epic chests give you uncommon (green) jewels at a minimum. If you want to jewel out your troop set, "the house" (IGG) always wins with legendary chests. let's face it, this game has a major element of gambling: chests are the slot machines and gold attack jewels are the jackpot that no one ever wins.


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