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Kingdom Tycoon

A new game of chance! This building is unlocked at Castle Level 21 and is available after defeating Skirmish 8. Is it here to stay or just visiting? Will the map offer different rewards each week? Dunno. But you can play it right now. It's a very simple concept. Here's the gist: Getting Luck Tokens • Purchase them from the Gem Store • Get one free roll each day - it resets at your personal reset time (the same time as Helps and Colosseum entries) • Purchase them with real world currency from Mall Packs Map Tiles Some of the map tiles are rewards. Some are dice that move you forward. Some give you a free roll. Some are Gemming Gremlin Encounters. Rewards There are several types of rewards and some are more common than others. On this map, there are lots of Familiar rewards. Voodoo Shaman Chests, Common Stuffed Dolls, EXP Elixir, EXP Potion, Fragments, Ancient Cores, Chaos Cores, Anima, and Merging Speed Ups. But there are also other rewards. Resources,

The Colosseum

The Colosseum is one of the trickier aspects of the game to master. I'm still trying to figure this out myself. Ha! What seems entirely random and unpredictable can most times be explained once you see the mechanics in action. This is one reason it is very helpful to watch the battles. It can help you understand the Ultimate Hero Skills a lot more than just reading the descriptions (but definitely read the descriptions). Which Heroes? The hero combinations you see often, come up often because they work. You'll see a lot of Rose Knight, Prima Donna, Trickster, Tracker, Demon Slayer, Snow Queen, Child of Light, and Black Crow. Not so much Soul Forger, Elementalist, and Sage of Storms. It doesn't mean they are good or bad heroes in general; some heroes are just plain better for the Colosseum and others are better elsewhere. A hero that's good in the Colosseum and for hunting (like Trickster), might be a terrible choice to send into battle. A hero that's awes