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Jewels are extremely important. They give significant boosts. Mediocre gear with amazing jewels can sometimes be statistically better than amazing gear with no jewels. Of course, amazing gear with amazing jewels is definitely the ultimate goal. What are the different kinds of jewels? MONSTER JEWELS • Saber Jewel: Cavalry Max HP & Travel Speed • Trojan Jewel: Infantry Max HP & Travel Speed • Grim Jewel: Ranged Max HP & Travel Speed • Gargantua Jewel: Cavalry ATK & Cavalry DEF • Terror Jewel: Infantry ATK & Infantry DEF • Wyrm Jewel: Ranged ATK & Ranged DEF • Noceros Jewel: Food Production Rate & Army Capacity • Gryphon Jewel: Trap ATK & Trap DEF REGULAR JEWELS • Wall DEF Jewel: Wall DEF Boost • Trap DEF Jewel: Trap DEF • Cavalry DEF Jewel: Cavalry DEF • Infantry DEF Jewel: Infantry DEF • Ranged DEF Jewel: Ranged DEF • Trap ATK Jewel: Trap ATK • Engine ATK Jewel: Siege Engine ATK • Cavalry ATK Jewel: Cavalry ATK • Infantry ATK Jewel:

Army Capacity vs Army Size vs Army Limit

What is the difference between Army Capacity, Army Size, and Army Limit? They all sound kind of similar, but what do they actually mean and how do you increase them? Army Capacity Army Capacity is the amount of resources a troop can carry. You can increase it with talents, research, and gear.This statistic is only about carrying resources, but it is applicable for all situations where you would carry them. So if you're gathering from a tile or raiding a castle, increasing this number will mean you can use less troops to carry the same amount of resources. Increasing Army Capacity Army Size Army Size is the number of soldiers you can add to your army. The number of troops you can send is determined by your castle level, plus the command of any heroes sent with that army. You can increase this with Castle Level and Hero Rank. You can also temporarily boost it by using a Max Army Size Turf Boost. Army Limit Army Limit is the number of different grou

Rare Forging Materials

Each Event Equipment Set has one forging material that is more scarce and difficult to get your hands on than the others. Hense, rare. Not every piece of gear needs a rare material to forge it, but many do. The pieces with the highest boosts usually do. There are a few different ways to obtain rare materials. • Buy Them • Monster Hunting • Guild Gifts • Material Boxes • Labyrinth • Hell Events and 24hr Challenge Events Buy Them If you purchase a pack specifically for an Event Equipment set, there is a guaranteed amount of the rare material that will just go straight into your inventory. The quantities vary by set and pack cost, so check the mall for details. Monster Hunting To get rare materials this way, you don't need to do anything special. But you do need a lot of luck. While hunting, there is a 20% chance of getting any kind of forging material for monster levels 1 to 4. It is a 25% chance on level 5s. Now that's for any kind of material from that mo

Hunting Heros

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Talents are something you switch around often. You will go through many talent resets. Researching Innate Talent is very helpful for this. When Talents are Active • If your leader is captured, none of your talents are active. • Talents that increase speed or production are always active (unless he's in someone's prison). • Talents that effect war statics (offense, health, and defense) are only active when your leader is engaged in battle. If you do not send your leader, the talents are not active. Assigning Talents Only put the fewest talent points into the talents you aren't maxing out. On both sides, the beginning has a lower minimum. It's 3 for the war side and 2 for the economy side. Then it increases to 5 on both sides. Never assign more than 5 unless you're focusing on it. For talents with multiple levels, start filling them at the bottom. For example, if you're assigning talents with the intent on using your Ranged troops, assign as many talents