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Special Event: Lords Cup

Lords Cup Who is ready for a new special event? Me, me!! Lords Cup is a new event where a ball appears on the map. The object of the event is to move the ball into specific targets: Wonders and Darknests. Points will be awarded depending on the target the ball hits. Kickoff is July 1 at 00:00 GMT-5. ( What time is it? ) Here's what we know so far: • You don't need to register or sign up. You'll automatically be signed up. • This is both a Guild Event and an Individual Event. Points are awarded to individual players. If a player was in a guild at the beginning of the event, his points will be added to the guild point total in hopes of winning the Guild Victory. • Guild points are accumulated in the guild's home Kingdom regardless of the physical Kingdom the members are in. • You can switch guilds during the event, but you can only receive rewards in the guild you were part of at the start of the event. • Players who aren't in guilds

How Does the Infirmary Work?

How Does the Infirmary Work? So if you've played for more than an hour, you've figured out that when troops get wounded, they go to the infirmary instead of dying. This is a good thing. But do they always? How do you know when troops are going to die or get wounded? I'll help. Short Version? If you are the aggressor, troops can die. If you do anything that gives you Battle Fury, troops can die. If your Infirmary is too small, troops can die. What's the Difference Between Wounded and Dead? It costs less for you to heal wounded troops than it does to build new ones. When a troop dies, he dies forever. You lose the might. You lose everything you've invested in him - be it resources, time, or gems (I hope not gems...). You'll hear troop deaths often referred to as "perms" (short for permanent losses), "reds", or "red deads" (the color on the report). When you get attacked and your infirmaries get filled and every other troo

Special Code 66

Code 66! CODE 66!! While Code 66 is a regularly occurring event, this one is extra special! In addition to the usual rewards of resources, you'll also receive Classic Ball Cases from June 25 to June 30, 2018. These are the monsters you can hunt: All of them will have 0-3 Classic Ball Cases. Each monster costs only 1 energy and is killed with one hit regardless of your stats or heros. Get them while they're here!! Fill your bag with resources, then check your chests for extra goodies! © Tormund ᵃᵏᵃ Ꭲ

What Time is it?

What time is it? First things first. The time on the game server is Now, for other details. Things get complicated when playing an international game. IGG is in one place, you're in another, your guild mates are in yet another. How do you coordinate stuff?! If you say, “The event ends in 5 days at midnight” that's all well and good for anyone in your time zone, but anyone outside of it just got no help at all. “The event ends in 5 days at 23:59 GMT-5” it's more clear, but… what time is that?! Lords Mobile uses Greenwich Mean Time or GMT. GMT uses a spot in England (Greenwich) for it's base line and then the hours go positive to the East and Negative to the West. It's probably easiest to just look it up online if you don't know which GMT zone you're in. Knowing it will definitely help. But beware, it gets super fun if you participate in Daylight Savings! For example, I'm in New Jersey, USA. We participate in Daylight Savings. During the wi

KvK: Tile Hitting

KvK: Tile Hitting Okay, so normally I'm strictly against tile hitting. It's just a crap thing to do. If you want to attack someone, attack them - wall and all. But I digress. KvK was today and I missed most of it (oh boy maintenance!). So by the time I got on, everyone in our rival Kingdom had either shielded or was completely wiped out. I'm talking complete wasteland. So I did the only sensible thing to do in this situation: I went back to my Kingdom and looked around for some targets. And then it dawned on me: be a jerk, T. Do some tile hitting. It is KvK after all. They should know better. It's totally fair. Muahahahaha!!!! So, I popped over to the Base and had me some fun! It actually took people a little longer than I expected to catch on. I got a few nice hits in. And gosh it was fun. Check out the highlight reel! © Tormund ᵃᵏᵃ Ꭲ


"Hey guys, it's T!"  Actually, my name isn't T. I mean, there is a T in it, but not at the beginning. And my name certainly isn't Tormund. When I was naming my first castle, I didn't know what to call it (I was Lord Pizzas for a week or two) so I just went through a bunch of Game Of Thrones names until I found one that was open. I became Tormund - in homage to the great bearded man of the North. Then some of my guild mates (*coughs* STU *coughs*) got lazy and just started calling me T. So that's me now. My first castle spawned in Kingdom 189. It was such an awakening. I was completely new the the game and to the genre. I'd actually downloaded the game to win free currency for a different game. Little did I know... Now this game has become a huge part of my life. I've met some really amazing people, a few not so amazing people, and everyone in between. There is a small group of us that have been playing together for what feels like ages. Th

Special Event: Save the Lords Cup!

Here's One for All you Sports Fans! There is a new special event happening! This time we have the honor of being chosen to Save the Lords Cup! There are four parts to this event. The whole event runs from today, June 11, through June 23 at 00:59 GMT-4.

Guild Bash

Guild Bash You do tasks to unlock a special monster to summon. Here is my YouTube video for all the details: © Tormund ᵃᵏᵃ Ꭲ

Special Event: IGG's 12th Birthday

More Goodies?! The celebration continues! Three ways to get loot plus a special gift box available for purchase the mall.

News Event: Cake and Presents Galore!

Time for a Celebration! It's IGG's 12th birthday! I can't think of a better way to celebrate than with cake and apparently neither could IGG. There are lots of events going on, but this is specifically about the News Event "Cake and Presents Galore!" The event runs from June 6th until June 8th at 23:59 GMT-5. Log in every day, do a task, and claim prizes! If you get enough cake before the event ends, you'll get gems. Here's a YouTube video explaining where to go and what to do for the event: Happy birthday, IGG! © Tormund ᵃᵏᵃ Ꭲ

Hunting Hero Testing Process

I'm (very slowly) working on testing the free hero teams for hunting. So far, only Hardrox is complete. This is my testing process. The Heroes All of my free heroes are Legendary (gold), level 60, rank 8, and have all available trophies. The Combinations I identified each of the possible combinations for the type of heroes the monster is weak to. For monsters weak to magic, that's 21 combos. Phase One For each combo, I hit 5 monsters of the same level - only monsters at 100% - wearing my monster hunting gear. I made sure not to upgrade my gear at all until phase one was complete. Different monsters may have different gear then other monsters for phase one, but all of phase one for each monster was completed using exactly the same gear. I recorded only the first hit's percent of damage. The phase one score is an average of all 5 hits. And, yes. I hit 105 monsters to get the score for each combo. Phase Two The top 5 teams move on to phase two. Phas

Guild Showdown

Guild Showdown It's like war, but it isn't! What is it? Guild Showdown is a regularly occurring event. 16 guilds are chosen to compete against one another in a play off type challenge. There are 8 match ups in the first round. The 4 winners continue on to challenge each other. Then the 2 winners duke it out for the top spot. The higher your rank, the better the loot. The are different tiers that your guild will advance through as your rank improves. Each tier has a higher minimum participant requirement than the previous one. The higher the tier, the better the loot. But be careful! A poor performance can result in a tier demotion. How Registration Works When you register for Guild Showdown, it takes a "snapshot" of everything that is happening in your account at the exact moment you press the register button. The gear you are wearing, the talents and leader you have set, any boosts you have active. Troops must be in your turf to include them in registration

Why Not Send Trickster?

Trickster Trickster and I have a love/hate relationship. First and foremost, you DO NOT need Trickster as your leader to get his research or hunting boosts. They are Administrative Battle Skills and are active no matter what. Unless he's your leader and has been captured, you're getting those boosts as soon as you unlock them. Next, he is NOT a war hero. I've been asked, "What do you have against Trickster? He's got Squad damage for ranged troops. I can send him with my ranged troops and he'll give me that boost." Squad damage does do something, but lets be realistic. Tracker, Death Archer, and Snow Queen are going to be more effective in the long run because of their Ranged ATK battle skill. The squad damage boost is limited to 1/4 of that particular troop type. Ranged attack battle skill effects every single ranged troop. And if someone has a legendary Trickster, but Tracker and Snow Queen are still uncommon and you're running ranged enough t

Guild Mails

Guild Mails I wrote them, you can send them. Most of this stuff has an expanded version here on the blog, but these are specifically shortened. They fit in a single guild mail if you don't change anything. I use the heading as the subject. Protection Procedures ⋆ PROTECT YOUR LEADER ⋆ SHIELD or SHELTER!! If you're not shielded, shelter. If you're going offline, shelter everyone who fits. If you join a rally, leave one troop home to put in the shelter with your leader. Never send him gathering or put him in a camp. ⋆ KEEP RESOURCES LOW ⋆ Only keep on hand what fits in your vault. Gold is only protected at lvl 25, so don't stock up. Don't open any rss from your bag unless you're using it IMMEDIATELY. ⋆ PROTECT YOUR TROOPS ⋆ • Upgrade your infirmaries. Make sure your infirmaries are big enough to hold as many of your troops as possible so you only suffer wounds instead of deaths. • Hold a fake rally. Pick a level 5 Darknest or dead castle and set it for

Troop Training FAQs

How many, what kind, and why. ⋆ How many of each building type should I have? • Barracks - I wouldn't recommend getting too carried away with building barracks. Have enough in order to ALWAYS have troops training, however that fits into your schedule. Generally no more than 3. Eventually you're only going to want 1. • Manors - if you're just starting out, I would say 4-5. Manors increase training speed, which is very valuable when you don't have many troops. • Infirmaries - as many as possible. Infirmaries are important because healing troops is a fraction of the cost. Have the minimum of barracks and manors that function for you and then fill every other available space with Infirmaries. ⋆ How many should I train? • Infantry, Ranged, and Cavalry: minimum of max march for each type • Seige: 10% to 20% of max march • After that, pick one or two troop types and train them constantly. ALWAYS have troops training. ⋆ What is "Maximum March"? • Max m

Can I Take This Hit?

Can I Take This Hit? Alright, let's do the math. I loathe maths, so you're lucky I like you guys. The ratio for troops is: 1 T4 = 1.5 T3s 1 T4 = 2.25 T2s 1 T4 = 4.5 T1s 1 T3 = 1.5 T2s 1 T3 = 3 T1s 1 T2 = 2 T1s Now that's the base troop. No research, no talents, no nothing. Without an army boost scroll the max a 25 castle can send is 250k. Castle max of 200k plus 5 Rank 8 heros at 10k each. With a 50% scroll, it's 375k. Eating a Rally Level 25 Battle Hall holds 2m plus the leader's troops. So, let's pretend the leader popped a scroll and they actually fill it. Also pretend they fill it with T4s. That's 2,375,000 troops. If every single one of them is a T4, you'll need a minimum of: 2,375,000 T4s or 3,562,500 T3s or 5,343,750 T2s or 10,687,500 T1s Now that doesn't include the leader's research, talents, gear, any ATK boost scrolls, 10% Army ATK from having a 25 Battle Hall, prisoners, alter boosts, or any titles. You'

Hero Battle Skills

What are Battle Skills? These are the skills that will help you in battle and grow your Turf. Hero Battle Skills have three types: Tactical, Logistical, and Administrative. Each hero has one unique tactical skill and then a combination of 3 Administrative and/or Logical Skills. When Do They Unlock? The tactical skill is unlocked as soon as you hire the hero. The first battle skill unlocks when the hero reaches rank 2. The second, rank 4. The third, rank 7. How Do They Activate? Tactical and Logistical Battle Skills are only active when that specific hero is in battle. He doesn't have to be the leader - just in the Battle. Administrative Battle Skills are automatically activated as soon as you hire that hero. Before Assigning Heroes Look at what your heroes do before assigning them. Don't send heroes with only Administrative Battle Skills (like Trickster ) into battle. Don't use heroes that only have siege Logistical Battle Skills (like Prima Donna or

Special Hero Skills

What are Special Hero Skills? This is the special stuff your hero does when he's fighting a monster, battling in the Colosseum, or navigating a hero stage. There are four types of Hero Skills: Ultimate: this is the skill that is available to activate once the MP bar fills up. If you're fighting a monster or battling in the Colosseum, this will automatically be used once you reach max MP. In hero stages, you can activate and direct this skill yourself. Active: these skills come on every so often during a match. You don't do anything or need to wait for something specific to occur, they just happen. Passive: these skills are just something your hero has. Kind of like an Administrative Battle Skill, he just needs to exist in order to use this skill. Triggered: These skills require a special circumstances in order to be activated. It's usually when someone dies. Each hero has one Ultimate skill and 3 additional skills in any combination of Active, Passive, and

Hero Stages

If you came here looking for a list of heroes that have been tested and proven to work for each level, you're looking in the wrong spot. Instead, this is about how to pick your team on your own. Picking Your Team The general rule of thumb for Hero Stages is you're going to want to take a healer, a tank, a strong damage dealer, an area of effect stunner, and the 5th be whatever died first on your first run. No, seriously. You'll see what I mean. Sometimes you're going to want two stunners. Sometimes you're going to want two tanks. Trial and error is a great teacher. For healers, Prima Donna is going to be your primary healer unless you invest in Lore Weaver. Prima Donna's advantage over Lore Weaver (aside from being free) is that her healing skill is a scatter type, where as Lore Weaver's is a radial blast circle. This means when someone wanders away from the pack (yeah, I'm looking at you Demon Slayer), you have to pick who gets healed and who does

Heros 101

How Many Heroes are There? 44 Total • Earned from Hero Stages: 20 • Earned from Events: 2 • Purchased from the Mall: 19 Regular and 3 Special Who are the Heroes? • Barbarian • Berserker • (The) Big Guy • Black Crow • Bombin' Goblin • Chaos Dragon • Child of Light • Dark Follower • Dark Magister • Death Archer • Death Knight • Demon Slayer • Dream Witch • Elementalist • Ethereal Guide • Femme Fatale • Grim Wolf • Grove Guardian • Incinerator • Lightweaver • Lore Weaver • Master Cook • Night Raven • Oath Keeper • Petite Devil • Prima Donna • Prince of Thieves • Rose Knight • Sage of Storms • Scarlet Bolt • Sea Squire • Shade • Shape Shifter • Snow Queen • Songstress of the Sea • Soul Forger • Steambot • Storm Fox • Tracker • Trickster • Twilight Princess • Vengeful Centaur • Watcher • Witch Doll How Can I Get Heroes? When you first start the game, you're given two heroes: Oath Keeper and Dealth Archer. From there you ca


The Basics • Familiars unlock after you complete Skirmish 8. The monster hold is pre-built and there are 8 spots to build familiar buildings: Springs, Mystic Spires, and Gyms. • Get Familiars by merging pacts at the Spire. Chore are also merged in the Spire. Pact merging and familiar research require Anima. This is produced in the Spring. Train Familiars using your heroes in the Gym. There are different methods to how many of each building to build, so there isn't really a right or wrong way. It depends on where you are in the process. If you have a lot of research and merging to do, you'll want more Anima and so you'll need more Springs. If you've got many Familiars maxed out, you'll want more Gyms. The basic first build is typically 2-4 Springs, 1-2 Gyms, and 2-3 Spires. • Familiars give you special boosts from their skills. They all do different things, so check each pact in the Spire and click the magnifying glass. • Once you unlock a Familiar, it

Gear by ©Papa Don

Click to Enlarge Cavalry & Cavalry/Infantry Infantry & Infantry/Ranged Ranged & Ranged/Cavalry Construction, Research, Gathering, Resources, & Some Hunting Gear Hyper-Farming Special thanks to Papa Don! © Papa Don

Fake Rallies

Using rallies to protect troops. Key Factors • Must be set for 8hrs • If you're using a Darknest, it should be a level 5 • If you're using a castle, it is recommended you use an inactive one • If someone in the guild sets a rally for 8hrs or you see an ongoing rally for more than 1hr - DO NOT JOIN • Don't send your leader. He's safer in the shelter. The Details Once you have filled your shelter, the next option to protect additional troops is a “fake rally” or “ghost rally”. A normal rally is used to attack another player or Darknest in the future after a set period of time. This allows other members of your guild to join the fight. Rallies can be set for 5 min, 10 min, 1 hour, or 8 hours. Fake rallies are only used for protection. It's really the only time anyone will set a rally for 8 hours unless they're tracking an enemy. As long as no one else joins and you've set the rally on an appropriate target, nothing bad will happen. Set the ral

Monster Hunting Guidelines

Why Hunt? It is very important that you hunt monsters! You will get most of your materials, resources, and speed ups from them. Plus the whole guild gets a gift. Do not let your energy get full. Always be hunting! Use chat to work together as a team to kill as many as possible! HUNT! HUNT! HUNT! KILL MANY MONSTERS! Here's some guidelines: • If a monster is at 100%, you can hit it. • If you cannot kill it by yourself, share the coordinates in chat. • If you see coordinates in chat, go hunt it! Teamwork!! • If you're going in for the kill shot, say so in chat so no one wastes energy. • Don't look on the map and just follow someone to a monster and assume you're helping. Some can kill them alone. If someone wants help, they'll post it. Check chat. • Try to focus on one monster at a time to kill as many as possible instead of leaving half killed ones all over the place. • DO NOT INTENTIONALLY STEAL MONSTERS!! If you didn't start it or see coords in chat -

Being in a Guild

How to be an Awesome Guild Bottom line: help each other to grow, develop, and learn. Participate in Events Events are very important not only for guild growth, but also for individual growth. Do all the events and do them to the best of your ability. Gifts from Monster Hunting Cooperate! If you can't take it down alone, share coords in chat. Check chat for coords. Don't watch the map and follow someone to a monster and assume you're helping. You might end up wasting energy. If they need help, they'll post it in chat. Darknest Essence Join ALL DN rallies. Even if you are full of essence - someone else isn't. If you need essence, ask in chat. ⋆ STANDARD CALL ⋆ • Example: @@JOIN RALLY! • lvl 5s • 80/10/0/10 • No T1s@@ • Ratio Translation: 80% Infantry/10% Ranged/No Cavalry/10% Siege ⋆ HOSTS ⋆ • Research your target - scout and figure out the counter troops you need to send. • Set your leader, phalanx, talents, and gear • Set the rally for 5 or 10 minut

Garrison vs Reinforcing

What's the difference between sending a Garisson and sending reinforcements? Important to note: • Only people in your guild can send either. If you or your guildmate leave the guild, the troops will return home. • If you port or reshield, the troops will return home. • Sending troops to a guildmate will activate battle fury. • You cannot shield while your troops are in a guildmate's castle. On the surface, they might seem like the same thing: someone sends troops to a guildmate. But once they arrive, they do different things. Reinforcements Reinforcements go into the embassy. As you upgrade your embassy, you can hold more allies. For some reason unknown to me, you cannot see who is reinforcing you. Only that you have reinforcements. Reinforcements act like they're part of your troops now. Don't let the word deploy throw you off. That means you must have an embassy in order to send someone else reinforcenents. You cannot control allied troops