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The Basics
• Familiars unlock after you complete Skirmish 8. The monster hold is pre-built and there are 8 spots to build familiar buildings: Springs, Mystic Spires, and Gyms.

• Get Familiars by merging pacts at the Spire. Chore are also merged in the Spire. Pact merging and familiar research require Anima. This is produced in the Spring. Train Familiars using your heroes in the Gym. There are different methods to how many of each building to build, so there isn't really a right or wrong way. It depends on where you are in the process. If you have a lot of research and merging to do, you'll want more Anima and so you'll need more Springs. If you've got many Familiars maxed out, you'll want more Gyms. The basic first build is typically 2-4 Springs, 1-2 Gyms, and 2-3 Spires.

• Familiars give you special boosts from their skills. They all do different things, so check each pact in the Spire and click the magnifying glass.

• Once you unlock a Familiar, it's passive skills are on. The button needed for support skills that require activation will appear once you have one that needs it under the button where you activate a shield in your turf. A Familiar attack skill is activated using a button to the right when clicking on an enemy castle.

Familiar Attributes
There are several working parts of a Familiar.

Familiar Level
This is the level of the Familiar itself. Just like you have a player level and Heroes have a level, so do Familiars. A Familiar's level affects the maximum level of each skill and the ability to upgrade it's stage. Familiar levels have a cap depending it's current stage. In order to fully max a skill, that Familiar needs to be an Elder and at level 60. Familiar level can be increased by training in the Gym, using Fragments, using potions, or using elixir.

Familiar Stage
There are only 3 stages: Hatching, Adult, and Elder. Hatchling Familiars have a max level of 20 and only the first skill is available. Adult Familiars have a max level of 50 and upgrading a Familiar to Adult will unlock the second skill (if there is one). Elder Familiars can be completely maxed to level 60 and upgrading a Familiar to Elder will unlock the third skill (if there is one). Basically, the higher the stage, the more skills it will have and the higher you can upgrade your Familiar level and therefore the higher you can upgrade the skill level. You can only upgrade Stages with that specific Familiar's Runes. Runes can be earned by merging Pacts or purchasing them in the mall.

Familiar Skills
All of the Familiars have different skills. Some are administrative and some are for battle. Some need to be activated and some have a permanent effect. Some need Cores in order to activate. Skills can be upgraded a total of 10 levels. A skill's max level is determined by the Familiar level. Skills can be upgraded using Fragments, Runes, and the Gym. I HIGHLY recommend NOT using Runes to upgrade skills until that Familiar is an Elder. You can only use the Gym to upgrade skills once the Familiar is at level 60. Then when that Familiar trains in the Gym, the exp will apply to a random skill of that Familiar. You'll do most of your skill upgrading using Fragments. Fragments can be earned from merging Pacts. The number of fragments needed to upgrade will vary depending on the Rarity of the Familiar and how many upgrades you've done that day. Fragment use resets at the same time as your VIP.

Familiar Rarity
Rarity is a fixed attribute. It's the little number on it. The rarer the Familiar, the less chance you'll get Runes from it when merging. Rarity 1 Familiars need the least number Fragments per skill upgrade all the way up to Rarity 5 Familiars who need the most. For example, Beastmaster is Rarity 1. You will frequently get his Runes for merging Pact 1B. Fragment use to upgrade his skills start at only 4. Queen Bee is Rarity 5. You can only get Runes for her by purchasing them in the mall. Fragment use to upgrade her skills starts at 24.

This section is under development! Thank you for your patience.

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  1. Just btw, I think you made a typo - anemia instead of anima lol

  2. My familiar is stuck at level 59 how do I upgrade to level 60


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