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Guild Mails

Guild Mails

I wrote them, you can send them. Most of this stuff has an expanded version here on the blog, but these are specifically shortened. They fit in a single guild mail if you don't change anything. I use the heading as the subject.

Protection Procedures

SHIELD or SHELTER!! If you're not shielded, shelter. If you're going offline, shelter everyone who fits. If you join a rally, leave one troop home to put in the shelter with your leader. Never send him gathering or put him in a camp.
Only keep on hand what fits in your vault. Gold is only protected at lvl 25, so don't stock up. Don't open any rss from your bag unless you're using it IMMEDIATELY.
• Upgrade your infirmaries. Make sure your infirmaries are big enough to hold as many of your troops as possible so you only suffer wounds instead of deaths.
• Hold a fake rally. Pick a level 5 Darknest or dead castle and set it for 8 hours.
• Reenforce and/or garrison a guildmate who has a long shield activated.
• Last resort: RUN. Send them to gather far away. Get them out for the attack, but don't let them stay there. Withdrawal when they're close. Keep them moving.

Monster Hunting

It is very important that you hunt monsters! You will get most of your materials, resources, and speed ups from them. Plus the whole guild gets a gift. Do not let your energy get full. Always be hunting! Use chat to work together as a team to kill as many as possible!


Here's some guidelines:
• If you cannot kill it by yourself, share the coordinates in chat.
• If you see coordinates in chat, go hunt it! Teamwork!!
• If you're going in for the kill shot, say so in chat so no one wastes energy.
• Don't look on the map and just follow someone to a monster and assume you're helping. Some can kill them alone. If someone wants help, they'll post it. Check chat.
• Try to focus on one monster at a time to kill as many as possible instead of leaving half killed ones all over the place.
• DO NOT INTENTIONALLY STEAL MONSTERS!! If you didn't start it or see coords in chat - LEAVE IT ALONE.

If We're Under Attack

 • Calm down. You're going to get attacked. You just are. That's the point of the game. Don't be surprised when it happens.

 • Protect yourself at all times. Follow protection procedures. ALWAYS be prepared for an attack.

 • If they're small enough to fight: DO IT! If you can, solo hit them. If no one can solo, hold a rally and hit them. Work as a team.

 • If they're too big for you to take on, annoy them: Scout them. Over and over and over. Send one T1 siege over and over over. They'll get tons of notifications on screen and in the mail. Set up random camps surrounding them. Let them know you're online and you're not just going to take it.

 Leveling Heros

You need to level your heros, but you're out of Bravehearts and your daily stamina isn't giving you enough food during sweeps or enough experience during stage runs. You feel stuck.

Have no fear! Hunting monsters gives heros experience too. Send the heros you want to level up to hunt the highest level monster you have researched. Not only will you gain hero experience, but you'll get loot too. Plus energy is much easier to come by than stamina.

But don't forget to kill that monster! More loot for everyone. When you're trying to kill a monster, make sure you send the appropriate hero team for that specific monster. I've got a list with that info if you need it.

Happy hunting!!

Guild Showdown Summary

Showdown isn't a normal battle. Please don't treat it like one.

• There are no walls. IGG has confirmed that they do nothing for morale in Showdown. They literally do nothing. DO NOT SEND SEIGE.
• Your troops don't die or get wounded. It's like a battle scene in a movie. They all get up and walk home at the end.
• Don't send T1s. You don't need a meat shield buffer to protect your better troops from being permed. They will only suck your morale down as they're being slaughtered and take up space a better troop could use.

• Troops matter. Send your best. Send as many as you can.
• Heros matter. Don't send admin only or siege only heros.
• Send your leader!! Because...
• Gear, research, boosts, and talents count. Put on your war gear, reset to war talents, get fury, pop an ATK boost.

Guild Showdown Prep Checklist

If you haven't registered, please do so ASAP. If you've registered, but have trained more troops or haven't followed the rules below - go back in and change your lineup.

- DO NOT SEND SIEGE (no trebuchets, no catapults, no ballistas) unless you have no other troops.
- Send your BEST troops, not just the ones left over at home. If you're gathering or in a rally, wait for them to return.
- Do not send T1s! They will hurt your morale.
- Send useful heros with combat boosts - DO NOT send Trickster, Prima Donna, or Incinerator
- Put on your best war gear - equipment with combat boosts (not trap or wall)
- Set Phalanx/Wedge appropriately

⭐ If you're in the top ⭐
- Make sure your talents are maxed for combat
- Have Battle Fury (scout someone)
- Use an Army ATK turf boost

Hero Battle Skills

Administrative hero skills are automatic just by having the hero. Logistic skills are the ones you need the hero active to use.

Go to Oath Keeper in your hero box. Then click the middle button on the right. The Battle skills I'm talking about are there. You see the top one for Infantry? Click it. On the left at the top it says logistics. This means it'll only work if he's in the Battle. Doesn't have to be leader. Just in it. Now click the food one. It says admin. This means you're getting that as soon as it's unlocked. It's always on.

For example, Trickster. He's got amazing boosts. Definitely get him asap and work him up. But his skills are all administrative. He's good for hunting and Hero Stages and the Colosseum, but not in battle.

Look at what your heros do before assigning them. Don't send admin only to battle. Don't send Prima Donna if you don't send seige or if your assigning heros to your wall. Choose carefully so you don't accidentally suck up a spot someone who could do something to aide could be in.

Leader Captured?

Always, always, always protect him. SHIELD or SHELTER!! If you're offline, shelter everyone who fits. If you join a rally, leave 1 guy home to put with him in the shelter.
Without your leader you do not get any talent or equipment boosts. It makes training, researching, and constructing very difficult. When there is a hero in a prison, it gives the holder boosts. Good if you're the one holding, bad if it's your leader in prison.
You will get him back. Eventually. He doesn't lose anything permanently. If your castle is 9 or less, he will escape on his own in a few hours. If you're C17 and up, he can be kept for several days and executed. Execution isn't fatal! Revive him with fruit from the store. It can be purchased with guild coins.

When does stuff reset?

• Helps reset at a specific time special for you. You can find it on the help screen. Your VIP boxes, Braveheart uses, Elite stage count, Familiar fragment use, and the free hit on the Labyrinth also reset at this time.
• Solo Events reset every 3 hours starting at 0:00 GMT-5. They run for 2 hours and 55 minutes.
• Hell Events reset every hour. They run for 55 minutes.
• 24 Hour Challenges reset every 24 hours (duh?) at 00:00 GMT-5
• Darknests reset once a day at 23:55 GMT-5
• Monsters reset health and location the same time as Solo Events - every 3 hours. The monster type switches at 23:55 GMT-5. Each monster type is available for two days and the two being offered switch every other day. So yesterday was Bon Appetit and Jade Worm. Today is Jade Worm and Frostwing. Tomorrow is Frostwing and Gargantua. Etc.
• Packs in the mall switch at 0:00 GMT-5.


• Example: @@JOIN RALLY! • lvl 5s • 80/10/0/10 • No T1s!@@
• Ratio Translation: 80% Infantry/10% Ranged/No Cavalry/10% Siege
• Research your target - scout and figure out the counter troops you need to send.
• Set your leader, phalanx, talents, and gear
• Set the rally for 5 or 10 minutes with appropriate heros and troops
• Call the troops - see above
• Send back anyone who sends the wrong troops
• You must, must, must send the troops you're asked to send. It is very important.
• If you are not in the hive, do not join. Please transfer to the hive ASAP.
• If you get sent back, read the call and resend.
• If a rally is for longer than 1 hour and is on a lvl 4 or 5 Darknest - DO NOT JOIN! It's fake to protect troops.

About T4s

The natural progression of the game is not T1, T2, T3, then T4 as you would expect. T4s aren't the next step after T3s - they are the ultimate challenge. T3s will be your primary troop type for a very long time. So unlock them and grow them ASAP.

For T4s, you must build every single building to lvl 25. This costs many gems for Golden Hammers (needed for each lvl 25), War Tomes (Battle Hall), Steel Cuffs (Prison), and Soul Crystals (Alter).

Then you must finish all the research on the Economy page to lvl 10 except Gem Harvesting and all on the Military page. This costs hundreds of millions of resources and the timers are insanely long. Not many days to speed up - many YEARS.

T4s are not impossible. If it is your goal, you can unlock them. Just know it takes much more gems, time, and resources than the average player will accumulate naturally. I know. some make it look easy, but it's not. Focus on T3s for right now.

© Tormund ᵃᵏᵃ Ꭲ


  1. thanks for your help
    plzz tell me how much gems required to open T4 troops?

  2. I follow your blogs.. I'm asking can you do a blog for mail on event's.. I love your guild fest blog.. Beautify done!.. You make running a guild easy.. You may or may not know.. Its very time cunauming.. PLEASE help!

  3. I want to know what the monkey with his finger up in his nose symbolize.. what does it means in chat


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