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Fake Rallies

Using rallies to protect troops.

Key Factors
• Must be set for 8hrs
• If you're using a Darknest, it should be a level 5
• If you're using a castle, it is recommended you use an inactive one
• If someone in the guild sets a rally for 8hrs or you see an ongoing rally for more than 1hr - DO NOT JOIN
• Don't send your leader. He's safer in the shelter.

The Details
Once you have filled your shelter, the next option to protect additional troops is a “fake rally” or “ghost rally”.

A normal rally is used to attack another player or Darknest in the future after a set period of time. This allows other members of your guild to join the fight. Rallies can be set for 5 min, 10 min, 1 hour, or 8 hours.

Fake rallies are only used for protection. It's really the only time anyone will set a rally for 8 hours unless they're tracking an enemy. As long as no one else joins and you've set the rally on an appropriate target, nothing bad will happen.

Set the rally:
• Select your target
• Select Rally Attack
• Add troops
• Add heros or use a max army scroll to add more troops

What happens?
So, what happens to your troops while they wait for the 8 hour timer to count down? Well, they are completely protected just like the troops in your shelter. All you need to do is log back into your account within 8 hours and cancel the rally. You can then immediately set a new rally if you need to.

Your troops will never leave your turf but will be completely protected while you are offline. They're right there and ready should you need them. Just like the shelter, this allows you to protect your max march of troops plus any hero or scroll bonuses.

Selecting a Target
If you are using a Darknest, make sure you use a level 5 as your target. If you choose a lower level Darknest, you not only take away viable options for real rallies, but you also run the risk of another guild defeating that Darknest. If they do, your troops will return home.

This is less likely to happen with a level 5 Darknest. Still possible, but less likely. Especially if you scout the nest first and it's mixed. Using 1s - 4s is very risky. Plus it just confuses people. If you set a rally on a level 2 Darknest and don't come back for 7 hours, people are very likely to think it's real and join. A level 5? Not so much. Especially if you're not a rally leader.

Castles, however, are a better option for a fake rally. If you are using a castle as a target, it's best if it is empty and inactive. The primary reason is because even if no one else joins your rally, it will march at the end of the timer. So be aware of that and prepare for it when creating your fake rally.

The secondary reason is because guilded castles are not likely to be empty and guildmates can reinforce it. Also, you might accidentally make a new enemy for your guild by choosing the wrong castle.

Other reasons it is good to use a castle are because there is practically zero confusion as to if it is real or fake and you can use a target very far away and you'll have that extra time of marching there and marching home to get back online.

Just Don't
Do not join other people's fake rallies!! If you do, your troops will be stuck there until the host comes back online and cancels it or the timer runs down. If the timer runs down, the troops will attack the target and you'll end up with troops in the Infirmary if it was a Darknest or wounded and dead of it was a castle and the host didn't make sure it was dead first. If you want to protect your troops using a fake rally, create your own.

Don't use a fake rally to protect your leader. Too many ways it could accidentally go wrong. If you're not shielded, put him in the shelter. Period.

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