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Can I Take This Hit?

Can I Take This Hit?

Alright, let's do the math. I loathe maths, so you're lucky I like you guys.

The ratio for troops is:
1 T4 = 1.5 T3s
1 T4 = 2.25 T2s
1 T4 = 4.5 T1s
1 T3 = 1.5 T2s
1 T3 = 3 T1s
1 T2 = 2 T1s
Now that's the base troop. No research, no talents, no nothing.

Without an army boost scroll the max a 25 castle can send is 250k. Castle max of 200k plus 5 Rank 8 heros at 10k each. With a 50% scroll, it's 375k.

Eating a Rally

Level 25 Battle Hall holds 2m plus the leader's troops.

So, let's pretend the leader popped a scroll and they actually fill it. Also pretend they fill it with T4s. That's 2,375,000 troops. If every single one of them is a T4, you'll need a minimum of:
2,375,000 T4s or
3,562,500 T3s or
5,343,750 T2s or
10,687,500 T1s

Now that doesn't include the leader's research, talents, gear, any ATK boost scrolls, 10% Army ATK from having a 25 Battle Hall, prisoners, alter boosts, or any titles.

You're going to need more troops to counter all that. But remember you also have your stats. Your wall, traps, research, heros, turf boosts, etc.

If it's a full 2,375,00 of only T3s, you "only" need:
1,583,334 T4s or
2,375,000 T3s or
3,562,500 T2s or
7,125,000 T1s

AND none of this factors in counters. If you've got 10m T1 Infantry and they send a rally of T4 Cavalry - you're not going to fair so well.

Taking a Single Hit

Just try to take a single attack first. Worry about rallies later.

Full T4 march of 375k you need a bare minimum of:
375,000 T4s
562,500 T3s
843,750 T2s
1,687,500 T1s

Full T3 march of 375k, bare minimum is:
375,000 T3s
562,500 T2s
1,125,000 T1s

Remember, those are base troops! If whoever is attacking you has good stats, gear, and talents set correctly, you need more. Especially if your research and gear isn't so hot and you're not set to war talents.

What if People Help?

You can get reinforcements from your guildmates mates up to the number your embassy holds and one Garrison. For more on the difference between those, see

What if I Can't Take It?

If you can't take a single attack and you're still in fury and can't shield? HIDE!
1. Fill your shelter and make sure your leader is in there.
2. Fill a fake rally for 8 hrs - send your highest ranked heros.
3. Find a guild mate that has a long shield. Reinforce to your max march/their max embassy capacity. Then Garrison them with your next highest ranking heros to send full march plus hero command bonuses.
4. If you've still got troops, repeat step 3 with another guild mate.
5. If you've *still* got troops, wtf are you hiding them for? Get everyone home, set your gear and talents for war and have your mates call you if you get rallied.

© Tormund ᵃᵏᵃ Ꭲ


  1. Where did you get these numbers? It's all incorrect. You are talking about might comparison per tier in the beginning but that is not the strenght comparison

    1. All of the math is based on these ratios:
      1 T4 = 1.5 T3s
      1 T4 = 2.25 T2s
      1 T4 = 4.5 T1s
      1 T3 = 1.5 T2s
      1 T3 = 3 T1s
      1 T2 = 2 T1s

      It's loosely based on the number of stars that represent strength in the Barrack plus testing. Honestly, I'm not sure who originally did that testing as I've seen this ratio a number of times in Line chat rooms, but it's generally accepted as the standard.

      It's definitely not a might comparison.
      T1 = 2 might
      T2 = 8 might
      T3 = 24 might
      T4 = 36 might

      So in regards to might,
      1 T4 = 1.5 T3s
      1 T4 = 4.5 T2s
      1 T4 = 18 T1s
      1 T3 = 3 T2s
      1 T3 = 12 T1s
      1 T2 = 4 T1s

      What strength ratio do you know use?

    2. Found it! Ray Finkle did the testing.

  2. jokes aside so whats best for trap account t1 and t3 or t1 and t2? because i see some people can defend themselves with t1 and t3

    1. main purpose of trap account is to TRAP
      by what it means that you have very low might and very high troop strength
      how you get their
      taking about solo traps - T2 Inf front line 1.5M, and 4-5M T1 range and cav and be under 60M might
      for Rally Trap be under 300M might

  3. Hey...
    Have you tested these numbers if the opponent comes with exact counters? For instance, I have focused infantry army, and my opponent knows that and comes with full cavalry. How many infantry should I have to hold that cavalry attack (worst case scenario)?
    If you didn't, this is a suggestion for your blog :)

  4. This is very helpful. Any chance of updating it for t5 troops? I am assuming they will be 1 t5 = 1.5 t4s?

  5. So I'm building a solo trap out of a account I have been useing for a long time and wasnt going to make it a trap. I have 800k each t2 and 400k each t3. I'm starting on my t1 ranged now... do I have to loose my t3 to make the comp work right? Some people say u cant have t3 in a solo trap? Thanks.


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