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What Level Monster to Hunt?

Updated March 1, 2019 Hunting is one of the best things you can do for your own growth as well as Guild growth. But it's important to note that these are two different kinds of hunting. What you hunt and how you hunt it is different depending on your objective. Short Version Hunting for your guild: • Only level 1s or 2s (depending on size) • Only do multiple single hunts; never use the x(#) multiplier • Use daily accumulated energy Hunting for yourself: • Hunt the highest level possible that you can kill alone • Only do hits using the x(#) multiplier • Use bag energy Hunting For Your Guild When hunting for your guild, it is extremely important to utilize your energy efficiently. It's about obtaining the most keys possible with the least amount of energy as possible. Keys allow your guild to boost the guild gift level. Boosting the guild gift level is important because it not only makes the special boxes worth more, it also makes the guild look impressive a

Do you want to build a Snowman?

🎶 Do you want to build a Snowman? 🎶 Yes, it has to be a Snowman. And yes. Yes, you do. From December 19th through December 25th, collect Snowballs, upgrade your snowman, get rewards, and make your turf all wintery. Collect Snowballs Get snowballs from the Daily Login, Solo Events, Hell Events, KvK, and killing monsters. Upgrade Snowman Click on the snowman in your turf to upgrade him. He's hiding between your Castle and Infirmary. There are three levels of upgrades. Each level costs more snowballs to upgrade than the last. 265 total snowballs. Each level will give you rewards. And upgrade your turf with snow and festive decorations. The snowy effect will last for 30 days after the event ends. Happy Snow Day!! © Tormund ᵃᵏᵃ Ꭲ

Heros: Types, Grades, Levels, & Ranks

There are four different types of characteristics that are important determining factors of various aspects of a hero. - Attribute type determines which basic attribute increases ATK. - Grade determines the boost percentage of the Battle Skills. - Level determines the amounts for the Hero Skill bonuses and the ability to equip Trophies. - Rank unlocks Battle and Hero Skills and Trophies affect the hero's statistics. For monster hunting, hero stages, and the Colosseum, heroes with a higher level and rank tend to be more important than heroes with a higher grade. Grade does also add to their statistics, so a higher grade is better than a lower grade, but in general, grade is not a huge factor for anything but their Battle Skill %. The opposite is also true. If you're looking at Battle Skills, a hero with a higher grade will be more effective than a hero at a higher level or rank. Rank does increase command, which will ultimately give you more troops and a hero with

The "Best" Heroes

I mean it when I say that the primary thing to keep in mind is that all of the heroes have strengths and weakness. There is no universal "best" hero. It comes down to personal preference and building a good team with all the types and useful battle skills for what you're focused on. But I know that's not what you want. So here goes. This is just my personal opinion. Free Heroes 1. Rose Knight 2. Heroes with troop specific ATK & HP Battle Skills • Demon Slayer - Infantry • Snow Queen - Ranged • Child of Light - Cavalry 3. Trickster 4. Bombin' Goblin 5. Prima Donna Paid Heroes 1. Lore Weaver 2. Berserker 3. Songstress of the Sea 4. The Big Guy 5. Witch Doll Rose Knight Cavalry • STR (Strength) She is the most ideal free hero offered in the game right now. She has high HP, healing capabilities, and at Rank 7, she has an Army ATK boost. Can be Used In Battle: Yes Stationed on Wall: Yes Colosseum: Yes Hero Stages: Yes Monster Hu

Gem Lodes

Gem lodes are special tiles that appear in random places much like a resource tile, except you can gather gems from them. They are a reward for KvK, but they are also occasionally part of a celebration. Lode Quantities The higher the lode level, the more gems that are available to be gathered from it. How to Gather Gems The basic answer is that you send troops and they gather them and you get the gems when they return, much like a regular resource tile. However, there are some important differences. It takes more troops to carry one gem than it does to carry one of any other resources. Specifically, it takes 1,000 Army Capacity to carry a single gem. Your usual gather talents, gear, and research will not help you. But there are researchs specifically for speeding up harvesting gem lodes. Gem Harvesting I is at the bottom of the Economy Tree and Gem Harvesting II is in the Wonder Battles Tree. However! Gear for Army Capacity and Travel Speed does w


This is a recurring event that happens once your Kingdom is no longer under protection. There are a few different types of KvK, so you might find yourself against one Kingdom or two Kingdoms or a rotating set, but the general principle is the same: it's Kingdom verses Kingdom. You can do different tasks to earn points. You get individual points and rewards for completing your solo challenge. Your guild gets points and earns rewards for the rank earned. And the whole Kingdom as a team gets points. After KvK, gem lodes will appear. It is like a gathering tile, but you gather gems. The better the Kingdom does, the better the gem lodes are. Who's Who?  During KvK, you'll notice a 4th color of castle names and resource tile flags. Usually there's the dark blue that represents your castle, the light blue that represents those in your guild, and the orange that represents all if the other guilds in your Kingdom. The new color is red. Any castle that is not f

Lords & Life: Honesty and Leadership

Opinion piece aka T waxes philosophically. I believe in brutal honestly. I often say that I will not talk behind your back; I'll just say the uncomfortable stuff to your front. But it's a fine line. Many use honesty as a tool to hurt people yet still feel morally superior because they're "just telling the truth". Not cool, bro. Additionally, this approach inspires some and defeats others. Trust your intuition as to who you can be savagly honest with and who needs kid gloves. If you've never done it before with someone, test the waters. Not everyone finds the harsh truth helpful. But for those who do, continue reading for an example of T's Tough Love. Something to keep in mind is that text is a very dangerous form of communication. It can sometimes be the most effective because you have time to carefully compose exactly what you want to say, but the drawback is that you have zero body language for clues. You have zero inflection in your voice to i