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This is a recurring event that happens once your Kingdom is no longer under protection. There are a few different types of KvK, so you might find yourself against one Kingdom or two Kingdoms or a rotating set, but the general principle is the same: it's Kingdom verses Kingdom.

You can do different tasks to earn points. You get individual points and rewards for completing your solo challenge. Your guild gets points and earns rewards for the rank earned. And the whole Kingdom as a team gets points.

After KvK, gem lodes will appear. It is like a gathering tile, but you gather gems. The better the Kingdom does, the better the gem lodes are.

Who's Who? 
During KvK, you'll notice a 4th color of castle names and resource tile flags. Usually there's the dark blue that represents your castle, the light blue that represents those in your guild, and the orange that represents all if the other guilds in your Kingdom.

The new color is red. Any castle that is not from your kingdom will be represented in red. If there are multiple Kingdoms involved in that particular event, they will all be red. Rival Kingdom castles will also be red as well as their fire.

When is KvK? 
This is a regularly occurring event. It happens the Saturday before Guild Fest.

It's always starts on a Saturday, but the times change, so check the news event to see what time the event will start and end.

If you're planning on taking Wonders or earning your points attacking castles, I would encourage you to start as soon as the event does. If you try to attack castles near the end of the event, you're going to be disappointed to find they're all basically empty.

Moving Between Kingdoms
During KvK, you can move to a rival Kingdom without using a Migration Scroll. Unlike traditional migration, there is no resource limit and you will not lose your Colosseum ranking.

To move, simply go to the Kingdom map and find the rival Kingdom you want to visit. To random into the Kingdom using one random relocator, click the button at the bottom.

To go to a specific location, you can either click the image of the base to enter the Kingdom and scroll around the map or you can simply click coordinates in a chat. This action can be done using one direct relocator.

When you arrive, you will be given 4 hours to spend in that Kingdom.

If you are still in the rival Kingdom when the timer runs out, your castle will be randomly relocated to your home Kingdom. Even if you're in fury. Even if you're in the middle of marching. You will be sent home. Any gathering troops, reinforcing troops, hunting, waring - everybody gets magically transported to your castle as if they never left. So you do not successfully complete the gathering or hit the castle/monster. So watch your timer!

If you choose to leave the Kingdom, you can go home the same ways you arrived: randomly or to specific coordinates. If you return to that rival Kingdom or go to a different rival Kingdom, a fresh battle period starts.

Important: you cannot voluntarily move between Kingdoms if you are in Battle Fury!

While you are in a rival Kingdom, your guild chat will be the same and everyone can still communicate regardless of which Kingdom they are in. However, global chat is specific to the Kingdom your castle is currently in regardless of if it's the Kingdom you call home or not.

If you are in a rival Kingdom when KvK ends, you can hang out there until it throws you out (between 5 & 15 minutes), but you don't get any points.

Earning Points
Typically, the tasks are holding Wonders, killing traps and troops, hunting monsters, and gathering resources. IGG has in the past switched the tasks to include other things and has said they might do it again.

Some tasks can be accomplished in your home Kingdom and some you'll need to visit a rival Kingdom.

Holding Wonders
Wonders are the Base and the 6 forts. The Base is worth the most points out of the Wonders and the point values for each fort are the same - so no worries about which fort you go for.

Points are awarded for the number of minutes the Wonder is held. The rally leader earns more points per minute, but anyone who is reinforcing the Wonder will earn points too. Yes, even if you only send one troop. You can earn points both in your Kingdom and a rival Kingdom for this task.

Killing Troops and Traps
Point values are determined by the troop/trap level.

This task can be done in either Kingdom. If the castle is red, it counts. If the flag is red, it counts. If they are orange (indicating they are from your home Kingdom), it will not count toward KvK regardless of the Kingdom you are in. So it's important to set aside the regular Kingdom politics for the day and focus on your common enemy.

Obviously, you must hit a castle in order to destroy traps. But troops count regardless of their location: your castle, an enemy castle, camps, Wonders, or resource tiles.

Yes! You should tile hit! KvK is the only time I'll ever say that. I rather enjoy it. You can watch me tile hitting in this YouTube video.

Monster Hunting
Point values are determined by the monster level as well as if it's a hit or a kill.

This task can be done only in a rival Kingdom. If you kill a monster at home, you'll still get the gift box, but you will not get any points toward KvK.

Resource Gathering
Point values are determined by the type of resource being gathered. They are awarded when your troops return to your castle and you recieve the report. If your troops don't make it home, you do not get the points.

Which brings me to the topic above: tile hitting is a fun way way to get points during KvK. I strongly urge you to not leave your troops unattended at any time. Just assume someone will hit you and stay vigilant.

This task can only be done in a rival Kingdom. Resources gathered at home do not earn points toward KvK.

Other Tasks
As previously mentioned, IGG may offer different tasks instead of those listed above. These are the tasks for a typical KvK. Check the news announcement for the upcoming tasks.

Captured Leaders
So what happens if someone in a rival Kingdom captures your leader and takes it to their Kingdom? Nothing different except that after the event ends you and your guildmates cannot free it.

If your leader gets freed by someone else in that Kingdom, the Overlord issues a pardon, or it escapes, it will magically appear in the lower left area of your Kingdom map and do the walk of shame home.

If you take home captured leaders, it's no different. Keep it until the timer runs out and you can execute. If it is freed or escapes, it's gone. On your prisoner list it will show the Kingdom number in front of anyone who isn't from your Kingdom.

Gem Lodes
These appear on your Kingdom map after KvK ends. The winning Kingdom will get waves up to level 5. The losers will get gem lodes too, but the wave will stop sooner than level 5. Check the news event to see who won and what levels of gem lodes your Kingdom will get.

For more details, including the spawn schedule, check here:

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