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Heros: Types, Grades, Levels, & Ranks

There are four different types of characteristics that are important determining factors of various aspects of a hero.

- Attribute type determines which basic attribute increases ATK.
- Grade determines the boost percentage of the Battle Skills.
- Level determines the amounts for the Hero Skill bonuses and the ability to equip Trophies.
- Rank unlocks Battle and Hero Skills and Trophies affect the hero's statistics.

For monster hunting, hero stages, and the Colosseum, heroes with a higher level and rank tend to be more important than heroes with a higher grade. Grade does also add to their statistics, so a higher grade is better than a lower grade, but in general, grade is not a huge factor for anything but their Battle Skill %.

The opposite is also true. If you're looking at Battle Skills, a hero with a higher grade will be more effective than a hero at a higher level or rank. Rank does increase command, which will ultimately give you more troops and a hero with a higher level and/or rank will be more effective than a lower one, but grade is most important if you're looking for an ATK increase or faster research time.

Attribute Type
Each hero is classified as either AGI, INT, or STR. This is a fixed characteristic and cannot be changed.

AGI - Increases Dexterity ATK
These heroes are your more cunning types. They are sneaky assassins and charmers. Think Demon Slayer with his vanishing act or Trickster with his stun skill. Their hero skills are typically physical, but in a unique way. For instance, Black Crow is just an archer, right? But she does back flips and shoots, like, 20 arrows at once.
(Side note: it kind of looks like IGG originally called them Dexterity heroes instead of Agility heroes or vice versa, but didn't update all the wording.)

INT - Increases Intelligence MATK
These heroes are your magic types. All the healers and everyone who does freaky inhuman things fall into this category. The Pixie, the Fire Mage, and the Snow Elf are intelligence heroes - just to name a few.

STR - Increases Strength ATK
These heroes are your brute force types. They'll just smash the crap out of anything - or anyone - who gets in their way. The Giant, the Undead Lord, the Prestigious Knight, and his daughter fall into this category.

The Difference
Aside from knowing which attribute boosts their ATK, knowing their type also gives you a clue as to their other strengths and weaknesses. If you need someone to sneak up and stab someone or cast a spell of healing, you're not going to send the giant. But if you need someone who can take a beating and plow through the enemy lines with arrows sticking out of his chest, the giant is your guy!

Think of it like this: if presented with a locked door, the AGI hero would pick the lock, steal the key, or sweet talk someone into opening it. The INT would basically use Alohomora (that's a magic spell that opens doors for you Muggles). The STR would just Hulk his way in and bash down the door or walk through the wall next to it.

Something else to keep in mind is that only AGI and INT are good for Monster Hunting; Strength heroes are rarely part of the best hunting team. They've got the brawn, but perhaps not the brains. I kid. The reason AGI and INT heroes are generally better for hunting is because those types affect more useful statistics.

AGI (DEX) affects ATK, DEF, Physical Crit, and MDEF. INT affects MATK, MDEF, and Magic Crit. STR only affects HP & DEF. And as we've all been taught, ATK/MATK is a more valuable statistic than HP and HP more valuable than DEF.

There are a few exceptions where a STR hero's base stats and Hero Skills are more simply more effective (like Vengeful Centaur or Child of Light on higher level monsters), but typically this is why you only find AGI and INT in the hunting hero lineups.

What's with the Colors? That's the grade. Most people just refer to hero grades by color. For extra fun, it can be used as a noun (his Songstress of the Sea is gold), an adjective (my blue Tracker is better in battle than my gold Trickster), or a verb (gold Rose Knight as soon as possible).

Because the grade is independent of the Level and Rank, it is possible to have a Legendary Hero that is a very low level or a fully maxed Common Hero. As long as you have access to the medals, you can upgrade your hero.

At the bottom right of the main hero screen, you'll see what grade your hero currently is, how many medals you currently have, and how many you'll need to increase his grade. You gain medals by completing Elite Hero Stages, Completing Events, or Purchasing them. It costs 10 medals to hire a hero. All heroes start at common once they've been hired and can be upgraded once the appropriate amount of medals have been collected.

To unlock each grade, you need the number of medals featured on the grade before it. So you need 10 to hire, 20 for Uncommon, 50 for Rare, 100 for Epic, and 150 for Legendary. Keep in mind this is not a cumulative tally - you need to start back at zero after each upgrade. So, it's a lot of medals. It's a total of 330 medals for those of you playing along at home. But the better the hero grade, the better his Battle Skills.

How do you get medals?
• F2P heroes drop medals from Elite Hero Stage levels at an average of 3.54 for every sweep of 10. This means it will cost approximately 94 Bravehearts or 11,280 stamina to max a F2P hero from hire to gold.
• P2P heroes vary in cost from $110 dollars over 22 rotations to $2,075 purchased to gold all at once all the way up to $11,000 for the Special Paid Heroes. There are 3 of these 11k heroes and they are only sold 3 medals per $100. The packs for regular paid heroes are offered in $5/$20/$50/$100. Each time you purchase a pack, the price and contents go up to the next tier. It will reset the next time it comes into the mall. Big Guy is the exception as his packs go $1/$5/$20/$50/$100/$100 and he's gold.
• Medals for the Event Heroes can be earned by completing Hell Events and the 24 Hour Challenge event. Events that feature these medals are typically more difficult than your average event.

Your hero's level is different from your player level. Your heroes need to earn their own special experience points. Hero levels, however, are tied to your player level because your hero level cannot exceed your player level. So if you're stuck at player level 58 (yeah, we've all been there), your heroes are stuck there too.

How Can I Level my Heroes?
The first way that feels most obvious in the game is to feed them. Food is gained from sweeping Hero Stages (both Normal and Elite).

But don't forget about:
• Completing Hero Stages
• Battling in the Colosseum, against a Darknest, or against an enemy
• Monster Hunting

I think the easiest way to level your heroes is to hunt monsters. Energy is easier to come by than stamina. The hero gains EXP and you get loot. Win/win. Just make sure you kill it so your guild gets loot too. Don't be that guy who hits the monster down to 80% and leaves it sit there until reset. Not cool, bro.

There are 8 different ranks. 9 if you include maxing out rank 8. Increasing a hero's rank will unlock Battle Skills, Hero Skills, increase stats, and increase the amount that hero can command.

How Can I Rank up my Heroes?
Collect Trophies, Shards, and Blueprints when you complete or sweep a Hero Stage. You also sometimes get chests containing these items from Monster Hunting. Different trophies need different hero levels to equip them. Many of the higher trophies need shards or blueprints fused together to create the trophy. Equip all 6 trophies to increase your hero's rank.

When a Trophy is equipped, it adds to the hero's statistics. Different trophies affect different attributes. Once a Trophy has  been equipped, it cannot be removed.

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  1. This is a great help me to understand the true meaning of gold for Heroes. Thank you for your time

  2. My heroes are stacked at level 29 how can fiks it

    1. Your hero level maximum is limited by your player level, so you need for example, player level 30 for level 30 heroes.... player level 60 for level 60 heroes


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