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"Hey guys, it's T!" 

Actually, my name isn't T. I mean, there is a T in it, but not at the beginning. And my name certainly isn't Tormund.

When I was naming my first castle, I didn't know what to call it (I was Lord Pizzas for a week or two) so I just went through a bunch of Game Of Thrones names until I found one that was open. I became Tormund - in homage to the great bearded man of the North. Then some of my guild mates (*coughs* STU *coughs*) got lazy and just started calling me T. So that's me now.

My first castle spawned in Kingdom 189. It was such an awakening. I was completely new the the game and to the genre. I'd actually downloaded the game to win free currency for a different game. Little did I know...

Now this game has become a huge part of my life. I've met some really amazing people, a few not so amazing people, and everyone in between. There is a small group of us that have been playing together for what feels like ages. They are my family. Some of them I've raised from tiny newbs. It's been a really rewarding experience to watch them grow and blossom into the players they are today. I really enjoying teaching people the game.

That's how this all began. I write really long guild mails. The guys called them my novels. Then it became a thing. "T, do you have a novel about..." And so it went. Then I started a Line group to collect all of my novels in one place so that whenever I updated one, I wouldn't have to hunt around and figure out which Line groups I had posted it in. Now it is organized into a blog so I don't have to keep updating the Line group. I'm not entirely sure how it spun out into YouTube videos, but here we are. I hope you find something useful out of all of this.

On a more personal note: I live in New Jersey, USA, but I'm originally from Pennsylvania. Aside from Lords Mobile, I enjoy watching entirely too much TV, cooking, playing board games, spending time with my family, and hanging out with Norman. Norman is my cat. I'm pretty sure I could teach him how to play LM. If only he had thumbs...




Q: Where'd you get all this stuff?
A: All of the blog posts and pages were written by me unless otherwise noted. Most of photos were created by me also using screenshots from the game, but some are from around the LM universe. They are noted as such. Honestly, some things get circulated so much I can't even tell where they came from. If any content is your, please contact me!

Q: What if I find a mistake?
A: It's probable. I'm human. Despite what this may look like, I do not claim to be an expert. I'm just your average player with too much time on my hands and a knack for writing. If you find something wrong, let me know what and where and I'll try fix it.

Q: I want to know more about [topic]. Will you have it soon?
A: Maybe. I'm creating new content all the time. If there is something specific you're looking for, feel free to reach out and ask. The worst I can say is no, right?


  1. Hi T! I read all your articles and find them very helpful! Thanks for all that you do! Anyways, I was hoping you could reach out to me in Lords Mobile and tell me some helpful tips and tricks. I am a Castle Lvl. 16 F2P player playing for 3 or 4 weeks, heading for T3. I have a Rank 6, Lvl 42 (max hero level), Blue Grade Demon Slayer, a Rank 5, Lvl 42, Blue Grade Black Crow, a Rank 5, Lvl 42, Green Grade Death Knight, a Rank 5, Lvl 42, Green Grade Incinerator, and a Rank 5, Lvl 42, Green Grade Oath Keeper. Of course I have more heroes, but these 5 are just the ones mostly use. (Sometimes I switch Oath Keeper with Green Grade Tracker). My Lords Mobile username is Bobby 657812. Please mail me in game. Thanks.

  2. Hi T! Same person here! The one who wrote the first comment? I tried searching your name in the game, but there were many "Tormund" s, so could you tell me your username in the game. Thanks again.


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