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Special Event: Save the Lords Cup!

Here's One for All you Sports Fans!

There is a new special event happening! This time we have the honor of being chosen to Save the Lords Cup! There are four parts to this event. The whole event runs from today, June 11, through June 23 at 00:59 GMT-4.

Kick Off Gift: June 6 to June 19

All you've got to do each day is log on and click the special box that will appear where the Mystery Box usually is inside your Turf. That's it! You'll get a special gift.

Dark Essence = Gems: June 11 to June 14

During this special event, any Darknest Essence you transmute will give you gems instead of any other kind of loot. Run Darknests the way you normally do, get a victory over the defenders, transmute the Essence in the Transmutation Lab, and collect it when it's finished. Poof! Gems.

If you had an Essence transmuting before the event started, it will be gems if it finished after the event started. If you start an Essence and it does not finish before the event ends it WILL NOT be gems (unless, of course, your random luck makes it gems, but it won't be due to the event). So finish transmutations before this event runs out!

Special Map Monster the Goal Bandit: June 14 to June 18

During this special event, the Goal Bandit and his son will appear on the map for you to hunt. They will cost one energy and will be killed in one hit. Hit as many as you can to get as much loot as possible! Loot will vary.

Special Guild Showdown Reward: June 19 to June 23

Guild Showdown is coming! And while the Showdown itself will be the same as any other Showdown (see the Events page for general Showdown details), there is a special reward for those that rank well.

So that's the what, when, and how of Save the Lords Cup. Make sure you're taking advantage of all these goodies while they last!

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