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Guild Showdown

Guild Showdown
It's like war, but it isn't!

What is it?
Guild Showdown is a regularly occurring event. 16 guilds are chosen to compete against one another in a play off type challenge. There are 8 match ups in the first round. The 4 winners continue on to challenge each other. Then the 2 winners duke it out for the top spot. The higher your rank, the better the loot.

The are different tiers that your guild will advance through as your rank improves. Each tier has a higher minimum participant requirement than the previous one. The higher the tier, the better the loot. But be careful! A poor performance can result in a tier demotion.

How Registration Works
When you register for Guild Showdown, it takes a "snapshot" of everything that is happening in your account at the exact moment you press the register button. The gear you are wearing, the talents and leader you have set, any boosts you have active. Troops must be in your turf to include them in registration.

Once you click the button, you're free to do anything you want. Change your talents, send your troops out, change your gear - whatever. Your "snapshot" is already saved and will not change unless you re-register.

You can re-register at any time between the time you originally sign up and the time the event starts. If you re-register, it throws away your old "snapshot" and takes a new one. Good if you've trained more troops. Bad if you lost some or lost your leader.

Vassal and Barron titles are the exception. These are not captured at the moment of registration, but are captured instead while the Showdown is happening live. That is to say, if you're the Overlord you can't just pass around General to everyone for registration. It won't capture it. But whoever has that title during the actual event will receive the boost.

How the Lineup Works
All registered players are listed by might. Weakest being 1. Note, this is the overall account might. Not the might of whatever is registered. So let's say someone just got zeroed and only has a handful of troops left and someone else has all their troops but a lower might, the one with no troops is going to be the one listed higher to fight.

Only the top players will actually compete. The number that will compete is determined by the tier you are in. Anyone not in the top is bumped down to the "reserves". Reserves serve no purpose in the actual battle itself, but they do earn the prize.

How the Battle Works
Your guild is paired up with another guild. The Showdown starts with the two weakest players from each guild in the top (whatever the minimum for the tier is). Their troops fight each other until one side has zero morale left.

Then the winner continues on to fight the next person in line. The catch is that the winner goes into this next battle as is. Any troops that were lost in the first battle are now gone. Only the survivors continue. This repeats until there is only one player left standing.

The guild of the winning player moves on and everyone's troops reset to whatever was registered.

Showdown isn't a normal battle. Please don't treat it like one.

How it's Different
• There are no walls. DO NOT SEND SEIGE*. Literally any other troop type is better to send.
• Your troops don't die or get wounded. It's like a battle scene in a movie. They all get up and walk home at the end.
• Don't send T1s or other tiers lower than your primary tier. You don't need a meat shield buffer to protect your better troops from being permed. They will only suck your morale down as they're being slaughtered and take up space a better troop could use.

How it's the Same
• Troops matter. Send your best. Send as many as you can.
• Heros matter. Send them! Don't send admin only or siege only heros.
• Send your leader!! Remember: your gear and talents will only be active if your leader is in the battle.
• Gear, research, boosts, and talents count. Put on your war gear, reset to war talents, get fury, pop an ATK boost.

Showdown Prep Checklist
- DO NOT SEND SIEGE* (no trebuchets, no catapults, no ballistas)
- Send your BEST troops, not just the ones left over at home. If you're gathering, recall or wait. If they're in a rally, wait for them to return.
- Send useful heros with combat boosts. Check your Battle Skills! - DO NOT send Trickster, Prima Donna, Incinerator, or Witch Doll.
- Put on your best war gear - equipment with combat boosts (not trap or wall)
- Set your Phalanx/Wedge

If You are in the Top
- Make sure your talents are maxed for combat
- Have Battle Fury (scout someone)
- Use an Army ATK turf boost

If you will be in the reserves, no need to waste anything to get these boosts.

You may want to do a single troop type blast or only two types instead of a mixed army. This is because you can specialize your gear, talents, and heroes to match for a stronger offense.

Additionally, you may want to work together with your guildmates to set strings of counters.

For example:
• Player A sends Cavalry. When Player A gets defeated, it's likely by a large amount if Ranged.
• Player B sends Infantry to clean up the Ranged that took out Player A, but will likely be defeated by lots of Cavalry.
• Player C sends Ranged to clean up the Cavalry that took out Player B.
• Repeat

Keep in mind that this takes some serious communication and coordination, so it may not be a viable option for all guilds.

About Siege
*Okay. Here's the deal. If you cannot fill it, go ahead and send siege. They are better than nothing, but anything else is better than them. Don't let siege take up spots other troop types could be in.  I try to drill this point home early and often so that later on (when it actually matters more), no one is sending siege when they could be sending viable troops.

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