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Special Hero Skills

What are Special Hero Skills?
This is the special stuff your hero does when he's fighting a monster, battling in the Colosseum, or navigating a hero stage.

There are four types of Hero Skills:

Ultimate: this is the skill that is available to activate once the MP bar fills up. If you're fighting a monster or battling in the Colosseum, this will automatically be used once you reach max MP. In hero stages, you can activate and direct this skill yourself.

Active: these skills come on every so often during a match. You don't do anything or need to wait for something specific to occur, they just happen.

Passive: these skills are just something your hero has. Kind of like an Administrative Battle Skill, he just needs to exist in order to use this skill.

Triggered: These skills require a special circumstances in order to be activated. It's usually when someone dies.

Each hero has one Ultimate skill and 3 additional skills in any combination of Active, Passive, and Triggered. The Ultimate skill is unlocked as soon as you hire the hero. The first Hero Skill unlocks when the hero reaches rank 2. The second, rank 4. The third, rank 7.

Unlike Battle Skills that increase with your hero's grade, Hero Skills increase with each Hero level to a maximum determined by the skill. The caps are 20, 40, and 60. It will tell you when a skill has been maxed.

There are a couple different kind of Ultimate Skill types.

Heros that have an AOE (area of effect) Hero Skill are going to be the ones that effect many enemies at once.
• You've got your flame blast type, like Trickster, Oath Keeper, and Snow Queen where they shoot off from themselves in kind of a cone shape.
• Then there are the radial blast type, like Child of Light, Bomin' Goblin, Sage of Storms, and Demon Slayer. They hit in a circle pattern. Sometimes around them, sometimes where you you direct it.
• Then there are the scatter types, like Night Raven and Prima Donna. Their powers hit everyone on the screen at once.

Another kind of Ultimate Hero Skill is a single targeted hit. Heros like Tracker and Death Archer can only use their skill on one target, but it usually packs a pretty big punch.

Rose Knight's Ultimate Skill is kind of in between AOE and target. She throws her shield and it can bounce off multiple enemies. You get to pick which enemy it starts with if you direct this skill, but then the game takes over.

The more you use the heros, the more familiar with what they do and how they do it you'll become.

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