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What Should I Focus On?

Starting with a fresh castle can be overwhelming and sometimes confusing even if you're an experienced player. There are lots of different methods and ideas out there. Different players do different things. If you don't do it "my" way, that doesn't mean you're doing it wrong, but this what I would recommend:

 • Step 1: Rush castle 17. Build the buildings needed to upgrade to C17.

Step 2: Build your Academy to 17 and do the minimum research on the military page to unlock T3 troops.

Step 3: Focus research in general. If you're F2P, your Monster Hunting tree will be most valuable. Military research is extremely important and should also be focused on.

 Then (do this all more or less at once):
• Build all your main buildings to 17 before continuing to upgrade your castle. Rushing C25 will make you a target and if you don't have strong research, you'll get beaten enough times to get discouraged. Research is key! Additionally, C25 gives you higher goals for events, such as Hell Events, Solo Events, and KvK. Having a strong foundation before getting into these brackets will help you succeed more often.

• Unlock all 8 Skirmishes.

 • Build your extra buildings. I'd recommend 4-5 manors to start, 3 barracks, and the rest infirmaries. As you progress, you'll want to decrease the amount of barracks to just 1; however, it's important that you have troops training 24/7. So however many barracks you need in order to accommodate your schedule - do it. Then as you upgrade them and the training quantity increases, cut back on barracks. Start swapping manors for infirmaries once you've got a full march of each of the 3 main troop types.

• Start hypering. Choose one resource to focus on (not food) and build just that type. Max your research, Familiars, and talents to match. Trade with others who have different focused rss.

• Take a break from researching order above at some point and unlock the Ranged and Cavalry Phalanxes under Army Leadership.

• Battle in the Colosseum

• Forge Equipment

• Work on your Heros

• Work on Familiars

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