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What Time is it?

What time is it?

First things first.
The time on the game server is

Now, for other details.

Things get complicated when playing an international game. IGG is in one place, you're in another, your guild mates are in yet another. How do you coordinate stuff?!

If you say, “The event ends in 5 days at midnight” that's all well and good for anyone in your time zone, but anyone outside of it just got no help at all. “The event ends in 5 days at 23:59 GMT-5” it's more clear, but… what time is that?!

Lords Mobile uses Greenwich Mean Time or GMT. GMT uses a spot in England (Greenwich) for it's base line and then the hours go positive to the East and Negative to the West. It's probably easiest to just look it up online if you don't know which GMT zone you're in. Knowing it will definitely help.

But beware, it gets super fun if you participate in Daylight Savings! For example, I'm in New Jersey, USA. We participate in Daylight Savings. During the winter, we are Eastern Standard Time which is GMT-5. But in the summer, we are Eastern Daylight Time which is GMT-4. Fun, right?

So how does this help? Well, GMT is a standard unit of measure. Midnight at GMT-5 will always be 05:00 or 5AM in Greenwich. It gives you a definite time. Even if you do have to figure out what time it is for you.

Since lots of stuff resets in game at 00:00 GMT-5 (check When Does Stuff Reset for the details), here's a handy chart to figure out what time that is for you. It's up to you to figure out what your GMT +/- is though. Try

What time is 00:00 (midnight) at GMT-5 in my time zone?
 GMT-11: 18:00 or 6PM (previous day)
 GMT-10: 19:00 or 7PM (previous day)
   GMT-9: 20:00 or 8PM (previous day)
   GMT-8: 21:00 or 9PM (previous day)
   GMT-7: 22:00 or 10PM (previous day)
   GMT-6: 23:00 or 11PM (previous day)
   GMT-5: 00:00 or midnight
   GMT-4: 01:00 or 1AM
   GMT-3: 02:00 or 2AM
   GMT-2: 03:00 or 3AM
   GMT-1: 04:00 or 4AM
   GMT-0: 05:00 or 5AM
  GMT+1: 06:00 or 6AM
  GMT+2: 07:00 or 7AM
  GMT+3: 08:00 or 8AM
  GMT+4: 09:00 or 9AM
  GMT+5: 10:00 or 10AM
  GMT+6: 11:00 or 11AM
  GMT+7: 12:00 or noon
  GMT+8: 13:00 or 1PM
  GMT+9: 14:00 or 2PM
GMT+10: 15:00 or 3PM
GMT+11: 16:00 or 4PM
GMT+12: 17:00 or 5PM

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