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Kingdom Tycoon

A new game of chance! This building is unlocked at Castle Level 21 and is available after defeating Skirmish 8. Is it here to stay or just visiting? Will the map offer different rewards each week? Dunno. But you can play it right now. It's a very simple concept. Here's the gist:

Getting Luck Tokens
• Purchase them from the Gem Store
• Get one free roll each day - it resets at your personal reset time (the same time as Helps and Colosseum entries)
• Purchase them with real world currency from Mall Packs

Map Tiles
Some of the map tiles are rewards. Some are dice that move you forward. Some give you a free roll. Some are Gemming Gremlin Encounters.

There are several types of rewards and some are more common than others. On this map, there are lots of Familiar rewards. Voodoo Shaman Chests, Common Stuffed Dolls, EXP Elixir, EXP Potion, Fragments, Ancient Cores, Chaos Cores, Anima, and Merging Speed Ups.

But there are also other rewards. Resources, Common Burning Embers, Training Speed Ups, Research Speed Ups, Regular Speed Ups, Ancient Tomes, Winged Boots, Shields, Anti-Scouts, Emoji Stamps, Champion Chests, Crimson Manes, Star Scrolls, Magic Carpets, and Licences to Kill. Yeah, you read that correctly. Licences to Kill.

If a reward can come in different quantities (like resources) or has different levels (like Winged Boots), you can see what the reward is by clicking on it. Some rewards have the same image, but are different.

These map tiles are pretty straight forward. There are blue dice as spots along the way. If you land on one of these, you'll move forward the number of spaces indicated on the die. If you land on a ? die, you will roll as if it were a Luck Token.

Free Rolls
These map tiles give you a reward and a free roll. They are marked on the map with a purple highlight under the reward.

Gemming Gremlin Encounters
There are three ways to trigger an encounter: random bonus on a normal tile, land on a Gemming Gremlin tile, or finish the map. A random encounter is just that. A Gremlin falls from the sky after you land on a regular reward tile. To get an encounter on a Gemming Gremlin tile, you must land on that tile with an exact number. For the final encounter, you do not need to finish the map on an exact roll - so long as there are enough pips to get you there, it is okay if you have extra.

The encounter itself is 3 capsules that look like the ones in the Dark Essence Transmutation Lab. Inside each is a gem reward.

There are two kinds of gem rewards: a specific number of gems and gem bags. I've seen specific number ranging from 300 gems to 1000 gems. Gem bags are very few and far between.

So theoretically, the most you can get without a gem bag is 3000 gems. For each gem bag opened in the same encounter, you get more gems.

If you're lucky enough to get all three gem bags, you win the entire jackpot.

If you've got my luck, you'll get a grand total of 900 gems each encounter. But hey, the good news is that 900 gems is the minimum for each map.

Good luck, everyone!!

© Tormund ᵃᵏᵃ Ꭲ


  1. Kingdom tycoon is not opening, I tried many time. Everything else work. Please help. Thanks.

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