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Guild Fest T Tips

Love it or hate it, Guild Fest is the most important event in the game.

Some people really struggle with it, but the key is to pick the right quests for you and to save things to make it easy on yourself.

Let's talk about specific quests:

• Mystery Boxes - literally everyone can do these quests and they're generally big points. It's time consuming, so pick it near the beginning of Guild Fest. It is my least favorite quest, but you do not need anything in order to finish it. Set a timer and you're golden.
• Cargo Ship - get the rss from the bank if you don't have them.
• Supply Rss - trade back and forth with someone and you only lose tax
• Labyrinth Guardian - save your stars. Do these when it's not the Dark Frostwing. If you happen to have Elite open, do this quest in normal.
• Send helps - have someone help you by starting to build a low level farm, asking for help, cancelling the build, and repeating that process. The bank should always have a low level farm ready specifically for this purpose. Work together! No one likes sending the help requests - this quest is seriously more work for the person helping than it is for the person doing the quest, but if you work together and several people do it at the same time, it goes quickly.
• Admin/Guild Quest Scrolls - just save them up and these are insanely quick
• VIP Quests - just watch the timer on this one.
• Spend gems - save your gems and only spend them during GF. Buy your big 3 building materials (10k at a time for the best value) and shields all at once during this quest and save between GFs
• Spend Guild Coins - ditto gems: save every coin between Fests
• Hero Stages - save any Bravehearts. This one looks tricky, but it's really not. Each stage you sweep counts. Do normal stages and you'll get 20 per Braveheart. So doing 100 hero stages is as simple as one full charge and 4 Bravehearts to finish 100 immediately.
• Colosseum Rank Up: Unless you're in the top 100 this one is amazingly simple.
• Darknest get essence and rally Captain - find small nests, ask in chat, ezpz.

• Top 70 Solo - it's not worth the points - do a Hell instead. Same time needed and basically the same requirements.
• Healing troops - unless you just got zeroed, this is not worth it.
• Any of the increase might quests: Hell events are worth more and have significantly lower goals.
• Darknest 19+ - the extra points for these are not even remotely worth the coordination needed to complete this for the average guild. Unless you're in a Titan guild and knocking level 5s out on a regular basis, just do a normal DN one.
• Labyrinth spend stars - The guardian quests are generally worth more and generally take less stars. Unless the game hates you - which happens sometimes.

• Fragments - easy if you've got them, impossible if you don't: check your inventory first
• Boosting Familiars - you can't use Fragments or the gym. You HAVE to use potions or elixer If you've got it? Ezpz. If you don't? Impossible.
• Colosseum battles - If you've got a maxed out Bonehead, this one can be easy. If you don't have Bonehead at all, this one will cost you more gems than the points are worth to finish in time.
• Hunting - if you've got the bag energy, this one is easy. Just hunt. Tada! If you're pressed for time and have energy you can waste, speed this one up by sending just one hero - preferably the wrong Attribute type and a weak one. Pick the closest level 1. Do the multiplier as high as it goes for you. And there you go.
• Use speed ups - be they regular ones or Familiar specific, this can be a very easy quest, but it'll be quite expensive to complete if you don't have the speeds on hand.

• Gathering: if you're an experienced gather-er, you know this can be done with little effort on your part. Just remember to set your gear, talents, and turf boost.
• Hell Events: if you're at a point in the game when you can finish a Hell Event relatively easily, these quests can be huge points. If you're at C24 or below, the top 70 ones are significantly easier.

If GF is almost over (like ends in an hour almost over, not it's Friday almost over) and you still have quests, do the quick crappy point ones like forging, use a turf boost, or researching tech (basically it's just research). Some points is better than none

This event is a WEEK long. There are extremely few reasons to not compete it. So if you want to be in a guild, DO IT!

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