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Special Monster: Phantom Knight

The Phantom Knight is part of special IGG events, so to keep an eye on Events for when it will be available.

The event typically lasts 2-3 days. During the event, a specific number of these monsters will appear in each Kingdom (the news notice will usually say exactly how many). They typically appear every 3 hours at the same time as the regular monsters - check the Solo Event timer. Then check global chat. Often the coordinates of each Phantom Knight get shared as they are discovered.

However, if you discover one, don't share it in global! Keep it for yourself and your guild for as long as possible.

They are VERY strong, but drop very good loot. It is a great way to get Research Speed Ups and Holy Stars. If that's your goal, they are worth the energy and it is recommended to save energy and use it during this event. (If you're looking for monster materials, relocators, or shields, your energy is better spent on regular monsters.)

When hunting the Phantom Knight, you're going to want to do basically everything opposite compared to hunting a regular monster. For a regular monster, you want to use your best heroes, put on your best gear, and never use the DMG boost multiplier.

But for the Phantom Knight it is recommended that you use only one hero. Preferably your weakest. Only wear hunting gear that will give you a speed boost or energy increase. Try not use damage boost.

 And most importantly use the maximum amount of hits for each run.

Four reasons:
• The drops are better when you use the multiplier.
• The Alliance Chest is no where near as valuable as the loot it drops for hitting it. (I always get garbage.)
• If your enemy guilds aren't hitting it, the goal should be to make it live as long as possible to hit it as many times as possible.
• By using the multiplier, you decrease the number of Hunts in a Row and therefore decrease the bonus % in order to make the monster last longer.

Not everyone does this. Especially if the whole Kingdom shows up to hunt one. Some send 5 very good heroes (Phantom Knight is weakest to AGI heroes) and wear full gear to kill it as quickly as possible. That is a terrible waste, but at the same time it prevents others from getting the loot. Different strokes I guess.

Whatever your philosophy, get out there and hunt one! It's fun to see the swarms of arrows so thick you can't even find the monster.

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