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Guild Gifts

Guild gifts are awesome. Everyone gets loot immediately and you can level up to get better loot.

How Do You Get Guild Gifts?
There are a few different ways. The most common are by hunting monsters and purchasing packs from the mall.

You can also get special guild gifts from events. Guild Bash, KvK, and Lords Ball all send guild gifts for achieving a goal.

How Do They Work?
Just do the thing and get the box: kill the monster, buy the pack, do the event. Voila - gift box. Simple as that.

Every time a gift is earned, everyone in the whole guild gets the gift. The keys are collected when each member opens the gift. 10 level 1 monsters? 10 keys. 90 members? 900 keys - assuming everyone opens them in time.

While everyone gets the same box on the outside, the loot inside is different for each member. The different grade (color) boxes offer a different selection of random loot. The higher the grade, the better the loot selection. So each day, everyone will get the same number and same theoretical quality of gift, but the actual gifts will vary.

I say theoretical because different items always have a different value to each individual. 8hr shield to a newbie? Cha-ching! 8hr shield to me? Joy. Add it to the giant pile. 2m food to a newbie? Grrr! I don't need that! 2m food to me? :: dancing cow ::

What's the Deal with the Keys?
Each gift earns you keys. Collect the keys to unlock a special gift. Opening the special gift gives you XP toward a higher gift level. The higher your gift level, the better the loot is inside the special box.

Here are the key values of each kind of box.

• Lvl 1/Common Monster: 1 key
• Lvl 2/Uncommon Monster: 2 keys
• Lvl 3/Rare Monster: 3 keys
• Lvl 4/Epic Monster: 5 keys
• Lvl 5/Legendary Monster: 10 keys

• 99¢/White/Common Mall Pack: 200 keys
• $4.99/Green/Uncommon Mall Pack: 500 keys
• $19.99/Blue/Rare Mall Pack: 2,000 keys
• $49.99/Purple/Epic Mall Pack: 5,000 keys
• $99.99/Gold/Champion/Legendary Mall Pack: 10,000 keys

Err, what?

1. Each kind of gift is worth a different amount of keys.
2. Collect keys to recieve a special box.
3. Open special boxes to increase your gift level.
4. You can only have 300 gifts in your mailbox at one time. Open them often.
5. Gifts are only available for 24hrs after they are earned. Open them often.
6. The handy button that opens all the gifts at once unlocks when you reach VIP level 12.

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  1. Do you have to be in the same kingdom to get guild gifts from hunting monsters


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