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Exclusive Interview with Marks Angry Review

As you might have noticed, I haven't really been playing Lords or writing articles much lately. But you know who still does? Marks Angry Review!

So I reached out for an interview about his website. Mark has been on the Lords Mobile blogging scene for a while now. His tongue-in-cheek approach has garnered him a lot of attention (and also apparently a lot of hate).

He answered a lot of my answers in this exclusive interview.

Q: What inspired you to get involved in Lords Mobile and write your blog?

A: Nothing really. I saw an ad on my phone for Lords Mobile and thought, "What the heck? This is weird!" But I downloaded it anyway. I caught on to the game rather quickly, but couldn't help but notice how many stupid things people were doing all around me. Really dumb stuff. Sending the wrong counter troops, not putting on the correct gear, or focusing on the wrong researches.

I started my blog just to start answering stupid questions. It kind of evolved rather quickly.

Q: Your articles are so aggressive. Why the anger?

A: Mainly due to unresolved personal issues. I feel that it is a lot healthy to take out my anger on the general public than seeking some professional help... You are all welcome. I'm doing this from you!

Q: Do you get fan mail?

A: I do. A lot! It kind of surprises me that people have the time to just randomly email a website blogger. The funny thing is that 9/10 are probably hate-mail. Apparently, I insult a lot of people in my articles. Most of the people writing are usually livid. They believe, apparently, that the more curse words they pepper their emails with, the more offended I'll be.

Q: Does it bother you? The hateful emails?

A: Are you kidding me? I love it! I show them to my family and friends. I think it's a riot. If someone curses in the comments, I delete it, but if they send me an email I treasure it. I've gotten some really creative hateful emails. I mean some of these people could get jobs at prestigious magazines.

Q: Does your Guild know about your blog?

A: They do. They're great. I sometimes send out emails asking for their opinions on stuff. They usually all send in responses, much of which I use in the articles.

Q: What are your future plans for your blog?

A: Do I need any? I'm happy-ish taking it day by day. Honestly, most of my readers haven't the foggiest clue about half the stuff I'm saying. I could spend the next few years just explaining what a Familiar is and most of the people would still be trying to add the Goblin to the Colosseum Lineup.

Q: What is your #1 tip for Lords Mobile players?

A: That's a tough question. So many ideas are flooding my mind at the same time. If I had to pick one tip I would say: Rehearse a strategy of what you would theoretically want to do if your castle is under immediate attack. Practice sheltering, hiding, fake rallying, randoming, shielding etc... Print a list of the steps, sticky tape it to the wall and then look at it every day. I feel that this tip will help prepare you for an even greater level of disappointment when your fingers refuse to cooperate and your castle is completely zeroed. I always say, go big or go home. Nothing is worse than failing to mitigate an avoidable disaster.

Q: Ok. Let's try again. Any serious Lords Mobile tips?

A: No.

Q: Okay then! Moving on. Where are you from?

A: I'm not merely from somewhere. I am somewhere.

Q: Okay. How often do you write articles?

A: I try not to put pressure on myself to write with any deadlines or time-schedules. I want to enjoy myself. If I force myself to write, the articles come out feeling really stale. If I can't think of at least 2-3 witty things to say, I know that I'm not really in the mood to write. In general, I guess, I try to write at least 1 article a week. Sometimes, when I'm not in the mood, I'll just go back to old articles and improve on them...

Q: I see that you've started to branch out to other topics. You had an article called "How to Bite a Mosquito Back" recently. Are you planning on moving beyond Lords Mobile?

A: I'm not sure. I was in the mood of writing something fresh and so I kind of went wild with it. I may eventually branch out, but for now, I plan to keep 90% of my articles focused on LM only...

Q: Thank you for your time. It was an honor to interview you.

A: Do I need to respond to this? Is this a question?

Q: No. No, it is not.

So if you're looking for additional and more current info on Lords Mobile, make sure to go to


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