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Code 66

Code 66! CODE 66!!! Code 66 is a regularly occurring event where in addition to the regular hunting monsters, special monsters also spawn every 3 hours. These monsters only give a specific resource as loot. It is important to note that these special monsters do not require a normal amount of energy. They only require 1 energy. Yes, one. Not a typo. And it doesn't matter which heroes you send or their grade, rank, or level. You will defeat the monster. And you will defeat him in a single hit. The only trick is getting to one before someone else kills it! There are 5 different resource monsters. Each one provides a different resource. Generally only one or two types spawn on the map at a time, but they will all appear during the event. The monsters are: Sometimes Code 66 is paired with a special event and bonus chests can also be rewarded (l ike this one for the Lords Cup ). Sometimes not. Read the notice in Events in game to see. The best way to get th

Darknest Rallies

T's Ultimate Darknest Rally Guide Victory over a Darknest isn't just about how many troops you send at it. It's about which troops and why. Sure, you might be able to beat it by just throwing a ton of troops at it, but you'll end up with more wounded than necessary. Why Do Darknest Rallies? It's basically free loot. Random, but you don't need to do much for it other than hold the rally correctly and heal some troops. Troops sent to a Darknest will never die unless you don't have room in your Infirmary. There are 5 grades of essence just like gear and heroes and... well, pretty much everything. The grade goes up with the Darknest levels. Level 1 nests give you common up through level 5 nests giving you legendary. Theoretically, the higher the essence, the better the loot. I say theoretically because sometimes you cook an epic one for 12 hours and still get something useless to you and other times you do a common one and get something you need

T's Top Tips

T's Top Tips Here are the top few things I wish I knew when I first started playing. If I could go back in time (and chose to use that amazing gift to be better at Lords Mobile?), this is what I'd tell me: ⋆ General Priorities • Research is more important than buildings and troop quantity - only use speed ups on research • Military research and monster research are more important than economy research and defense research • ATK/Offense is more important than health is more important than defense - this is true for research, talents, and gear ⋆ Use Troop Counters Infantry targets Ranged targets Cavalry targets Infantry ⋆ Join a Guild, Do Events, & HUNT If you're not in a guild, you're going to miss out on lots of good stuff. Like Guild Events and hunting! Guild Fest is the bread and butter of rewards. It's the most rewards and best quality rewards for a F2P player, but everyone can use the loot. Guild Fest can seem intimidating and impossible,

When Does Stuff Reset?

When Does Stuff Reset? It's important to know when stuff is going to reset so that you don't miss anything. Most of the things reset at different times, but what resets when? Well, I'll tell you! Anything that resets at a time standard to the game is listed as GMT-5. That's the time IGG uses. Not sure what that means for you? Check out What Time is it? Your Personal Reset Time Lots of stuff resets at a specific time special for you. It's based roughly on the time you created the account. You can find it a few places: the VIP Quest screen and on the Send Help screen are two easy ways. Here's what resets at this time: • VIP points and Consecutive Logins • VIP Quest chests (you can open one each hour) • Daily Guild Coins from helping • Braveheart uses • Elite Hero Stage limit • Free Colosseum entries • Free Labyrinth attack • Familiar Fragment use The GMT-5 time is currently 00:00 GMT-5 • Packs in the mall switch at 00:00 GMT-5. • 24 Ho