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Exclusive Interview with Marks Angry Review

As you might have noticed, I haven't really been playing Lords or writing articles much lately. But you know who still does? Marks Angry Review! So I reached out for an interview about his website. Mark has been on the Lords Mobile blogging scene for a while now. His tongue-in-cheek approach has garnered him a lot of attention (and also apparently a lot of hate). He answered a lot of my answers in this exclusive interview. Q: What inspired you to get involved in Lords Mobile and write your blog? A: Nothing really. I saw an ad on my phone for Lords Mobile and thought, "What the heck? This is weird!" But I downloaded it anyway. I caught on to the game rather quickly, but couldn't help but notice how many stupid things people were doing all around me. Really dumb stuff. Sending the wrong counter troops, not putting on the correct gear, or focusing on the wrong researches. I started my blog just to start answering stupid quest