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Guild Fest T Tips

Love it or hate it, Guild Fest is the most important event in the game. Some people really struggle with it, but the key is to pick the right quests for you and to save things to make it easy on yourself. Let's talk about specific quests: DO! • Mystery Boxes - literally everyone can do these quests and they're generally big points. It's time consuming, so pick it near the beginning of Guild Fest. It is my least favorite quest, but you do not need anything in order to finish it. Set a timer and you're golden. • Cargo Ship - get the rss from the bank if you don't have them. • Supply Rss - trade back and forth with someone and you only lose tax • Labyrinth Guardian - save your stars. Do these when it's not the Dark Frostwing. If you happen to have Elite open, do this quest in normal. • Send helps - have someone help you by starting to build a low level farm, asking for help, cancelling the build, and repeating that process. The bank should always have a