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How Does the Infirmary Work?

How Does the Infirmary Work?

So if you've played for more than an hour, you've figured out that when troops get wounded, they go to the infirmary instead of dying. This is a good thing. But do they always? How do you know when troops are going to die or get wounded? I'll help.

Short Version?
If you are the aggressor, troops can die. If you do anything that gives you Battle Fury, troops can die. If your Infirmary is too small, troops can die.

What's the Difference Between Wounded and Dead?
It costs less for you to heal wounded troops than it does to build new ones. When a troop dies, he dies forever. You lose the might. You lose everything you've invested in him - be it resources, time, or gems (I hope not gems...). You'll hear troop deaths often referred to as "perms" (short for permanent losses), "reds", or "red deads" (the color on the report). When you get attacked and your infirmaries get filled and every other troop dies, it's often referred to as "zeroing" someone. You're going to get zeroed at some point. It happens. It's part of the game. But understanding where troops go when and why will hopefully cut down on your losses.

When Do They Go to the Infirmary?

100% of your troops* will go to the Infirmary if you are:
• Attacked and are defending your castle
• Gathering on a resource tile and get attacked
• Occupying a tile with a camp and get attacked
• Reinforcing a guild mate and get attacked
• In a Darknest Rally

60% of your troops* will go to the Infirmary if you are:
• In a Skirmish unlocking areas inside your Turf
• Attacking an enemy. This includes, but is not limited to, solo attacking a castle, camp, gathering tile, or Wonder (The Base or one of the 6 Forts) as well as joining a rally on an enemy or Wonder.

*UNLESS your Infirmary is full. If you are doing any of these things and your Infirmary is filled to capacity, everyone else will die.

When Do They Get Killed?

40% of your troops will die if you are:
• In a Skirmish unlocking areas inside your Turf
• Attacking an enemy. This includes solo attacking a castle, camp, gathering tile, or Wonder as well as joining a rally on an enemy or Wonder.

100% of your troops will die if:
• You do not have any room left in your Infirmary

How Can You Tell Which is Which?
After the battle, look on the battle report you get in the mail. You can see all of the information for your wounds and perms and your opponent's wounds and perms.

The first page of the report will give you a summary for both the attacker and the defender. It's broken out nicely into wounded in white, permanently dead in red, and survived in green. If you want to see specifically which troop types were wounded and killed, click on "Battle Report" at the bottom.

The second page has two sections. The top is the Comparison. This will total the wounded and dead into one number labeled "Total Losses". You'll need to scroll down to the Attacker Details or the Defender Details to see the specifics for each person involved in the battle.

If you look at "My Army" you'll see, as promised, 60% went into my Infirmary and 40% died. If you look at the defenders you'll see that the castle owner was not home, but he was reinforced by two guild mates. The first guild mate was unfortunate because his Infirmaries were all full, so the troops he had reinforcing all died. The second guild mate had room in his Infirmaries, so all of his troops were sent there.

What's the Deal with Darknests?
You'll notice that I have Darknest rallies listed under 100% will go to the Infirmary if there is room. But when you look at the battle report, you see wounds and deaths as if it were a real battle? Why?

Two reasons. One is just my personal theory and that is IGG knows that running Darknest Rallies can be a valuable learning tool to figure out how a real battle works and would be useless if the report was blank. The actual reason is because the goddess Athena heals them. She heals all of the dead (unless your Infirmary is full) and a fair amount of the wounded. The better you run the Darknest, the more wounded she heals.

Is There Anything I Can Do to Prevent Troops From Dying?
Kind of. There is no magic answer. You're playing a war game. Troops are going to die. You can keep them as safe as possible, but at the end of the day you're going to be writing a crap ton of sympathy cards to all the widows.

But here's how to keep them as safe as possible:
• ALWAYS be prepared for war. Follow the Protection Procedures.
• Use "meat shields". What this means is sending along 40% of a lesser troop tier to protect your better troops from becoming permed. You're still going to have deaths, but hopefully they are the lower tier instead of a higher tier. But be careful! If you send too much of a meat shield or too low a tier, you may end up losing the battle. They will die very quickly and bring your morale down.
• Upgrade your Infirmaries and keep them as empty as possible whenever possible. If you've got beds, it won't hurt as much.

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  1. Quick question - if troops are in the infirmary they can't be killed can they? For example if all troops are in the infirmary and the turf is attacked - do some of those troops die or does everyone just stay as is?

    1. Hey! Sorry for the late reply.

      The cannot be killed again if they are in the infirmary. If they are in the infirmary, nothing happens to them when you're attacked.

      However, two things to keep in mind: first, if your infirmary is full, any remaining troops that get killed will die. Second, there is a Familiar power (the Elder Skill of Blackwing) that can kill troops that should have gone to the infirmary, but it's wicked expensive to obtain and use so the average player will probably never see it used on them.

  2. The Blackwing Familiar can kill 100% of troops in infirmary if activated. But other than that, no. :)

  3. What will happen if you dont heal the wounded troops in the infirmary? Will they die?

    1. No. They will just stay there until you heal them. But your infirmary will stay full and any troops that don't fit moving forward will die.

    2. So mathematically how many infirmaries should we have when all our buildings are 25 th level and max troops size to not to lose any of them by dying

    3. Do troops die in skirmishes?


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