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Why Not Send Trickster?


Trickster and I have a love/hate relationship.

First and foremost, you DO NOT need Trickster as your leader to get his research or hunting boosts. They are Administrative Battle Skills and are active no matter what. Unless he's your leader and has been captured, you're getting those boosts as soon as you unlock them.

Next, he is NOT a war hero. I've been asked, "What do you have against Trickster? He's got Squad damage for ranged troops. I can send him with my ranged troops and he'll give me that boost."

Squad damage does do something, but lets be realistic. Tracker, Death Archer, and Snow Queen are going to be more effective in the long run because of their Ranged ATK battle skill. The squad damage boost is limited to 1/4 of that particular troop type. Ranged attack battle skill effects every single ranged troop. And if someone has a legendary Trickster, but Tracker and Snow Queen are still uncommon and you're running ranged enough that this is even a topic of concern, it might be time to sweep some stages and collect metals.

Nine times out of ten, the Squad boost alone just plain isn't as good as the Squad boost plus an ATK Battle Skill and I will always advise to never send Trickster into battle be it Showdown or real. If you're just starting out and you're only sending ranged troops, then maybe send Trickster if he has a higher grade than your other ranged heroes.

I love Trickster! He's awesome! He's a really useful hero! His Administrative Battle Skills are amazing! But he's not a warrior. Use him in the Colosseum and doing Hero Stages. Have him hunt monsters that are weak to physical attacks. Send him to gather to get a command boost to send more troops. But when it's time to fight with troops? Let him cheer you on at home.

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